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Review: City of Thieves

Posted 8 July, 2009 by Li in Books / 2 Comments

City of Thieves
By: David Benioff

I found out about this novel back in January when it was first released on paperback. The cover was interesting and when I read the synopsis, I knew I had to read it: the novel follows Lev Beniov, a resident of Leningrad during WW2 who was caught by the Red Army for looting. He and a fellow prisoner, Kolya—the handsome and confidant soldier charged for desertion—are sentenced to find a dozen chicken eggs for the colonel’s daughter’s wedding cake. So they set off across the war-torn Russian countryside in search for a dozen eggs, encountering resistance fighters, victims of war and German soldiers along the way. Read More

Review: Hunting and Gathering

Posted 9 June, 2009 by Li in Books / 2 Comments

Hunting and Gathering
By: Anna Gavalda

The book caught my attention because I had watched the movie Ensemble C’est Tout starring Audrey Tautou and Guillaume Canet. I liked the movie so I decided to check out the book. Firstly, I dunno where “Hunting and Gathering” came from “Ensemble C’est Tout”; it baffles me but I have given up wondering since, lol.

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Review: Our Mutual Friend (1998)

Posted 5 June, 2009 by Li in Books, Entertainment / 4 Comments

Our Mutual Friend
By: Charles Dickens

I had read Dickens’s Great Expectations back in November/December and wasn’t thoroughly impressed by it; it was okay but I found myself trudging through a good part of the novel. I figured after a while that I probably wasn’t in the right headspace at this time to read Dickens and decided to come back to his works later on. However, I watched the 1998 BBC adaptation of Our Mutual Friend recently and absolutely fell in love with the story so I decided to check the book out as well. And I rather enjoyed it.

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Review: The Spanish Bow

Posted 14 May, 2009 by Li in Books / 0 Comments

The Spanish Bow
By: Andromeda Romano-Lax

I initially found this book while I was wandering around the bookstore; there was a table with books that had a music theme to them. Ever since I had read The Shadow of the Wind, I’ve been drawn to books that a) were about books and b) stories that were set in Spain. The premise of this novel was interesting: it was set in Spain throughout the late 19th century and into the 20th century following the life of cellist Feliu Delargo as he grows up to become a cellist. Although I had bought the novel a few months ago, I put it on hold because I knew that if I read it during my study period, I would never get around to studying. I’m glad I made the decision 😉

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Review: The Abhorsen Trilogy

Posted 10 May, 2009 by Li in Books / 0 Comments

The Abhorsen Trilogy: Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen
By: Garth Nix

I read Sabriel many, many years ago (let’s not count exactly how many years ago) and absolutely loved it. The concept of a necromancer putting down the dead, using bells to control the dead, travelling through death and so forth were intriguing and different from other fantasy series and trilogies I’ve read. But Sabriel ended fairly self-contained so getting around to the rest of the trilogy.

Until now, that is.

The rest of this commentary will be focusing on Lirael and Abhorsen specifically, although I may make references to Sabriel (and therein lies SPOILERS, as always ;)). Read More