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eclectic tales is back!

Posted 15 May, 2019 by Lianne in Miscellaneous, Travel / 2 Comments

I’m back! Meant to post this sooner but I was busy when I returned to Canada on the 10th and then I got sick shortly afterwards (still recovering; spent the last few days in bed weak AF spurred further by my irritation over the crap writing from the latest episode of Game of Thrones *shrugs*). But anyway, I’m back from almost two weeks bouncing around in Europe lol (so much so that Rogers (the company I’m with for my phone) stopped messaging me after a while telling me about their roaming fees, ahahahaha), namely the Netherlands and Iceland but with some day trips/layovers in Belgium and Germany.

Fingers crossed I will properly post about my time there at some point here in my blog (I know I said this about Portugal and then never did. Oops. Still sifting through those photos to be honest!). But in the meantime I did post a bit over at Instagram 🙂

eclectic tales is going on hiatus!

Posted 12 April, 2019 by Lianne in Website / 3 Comments

Hi everyone! I’ve been blogging sort of casually for the last few months so I don’t know if there’s any point in placing placeholder posts here on my blog to inform this but the blog will be going on hiatus for a month actually (15 April – 13 May 2019): for the next two weeks I’ll be on exam mode (*le sigh*), and after that I’ll be heading out for vacation (omg finally *cries*)! From the 30th onward you can catch me over at Instagram where I’ll be posting some of my holiday photos 😉

Wishing everyone a lovely April, Easter weekend, and start of May! 🙂

eclectic tales is back!

Posted 11 June, 2018 by Lianne in Website / 5 Comments

Well, I’m back. lol.

For almost two weeks I was off on holiday to Portugal with my dad. It’s a beautiful country–I was pleasantly surprised at how rich its forests were! So much green, it was amazing–with lots of history, stories, and food to eat 😛 As the below photos show, we were in Porto and Lisbon, but we also spent the weekend at Fatima, as well as took day trips to Braga, Sintra, and Cabo da Roca. Some of those photos you can see over at Instagram; I’ll get around to posting more about my trip sometime later this time.

Alas that my holiday is over now; back to the grind, now. In the meantime–

eclectic tales is going on hiatus!

Posted 28 May, 2018 by Lianne in Website / 2 Comments

Hey everyone! Not that I’m posting on a daily basis here anymore but I figured I give the heads up anyway that the blog will be going on hiatus from 28 May to 10 June 2018 as I will be going on holiday 🙂 So until the 10th there will be no scheduled posts going live but ICYMI archive links will continue to run over at Twitter (sort of; I know there were some updates to the plugin recently and I decided to slow the rate of that down in the meantime). You can also catch me over at Instagram as I will most certainly be posting holiday pictures over there 🙂

Thanks and wishing you all a wonderful start to June! 🙂

eclectictales.com is back!

Posted 9 May, 2017 by Lianne in Website / 4 Comments

As Samwise Gamgee said when he returned from the Grey Havens, “Well, I’m back.” 🙂

So after two weeks wandering around Iceland and Denmark, I’m back home, more or less settled in and nursing the remainder of a cold away (bleh, fun story, that. Actually, I have a few fun stories from this trip, all of which I will relay + post some photos from as soon as I’ve actually sifted through the folders (I took quite a number of photos on this trip, naturalemente). I’ve posted some recap photos of how I spent my days over there over at Instagram but yeah, I dunno how soon I’ll be posting my travels here. Fingers crossed in a few weeks!

In the meantime, regularly scheduled blog posts will continue. And for now I’ll leave you with this: