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Website: April Updates + Links

Posted 29 April, 2013 by Lianne in Website / 2 Comments

Not my gif, as always ^^

  1. As always, I read a ton of books this month including Janet Fitch’s White Oleander and Alexandre Dumas’ La Dame aux Camelias. You can find the reviews for these books in the book review tag.
  2. I continue to review ARCs of novels that came out recently, including Edward Rutherfurd’s Paris (review) and Jennifer Close’s The Smart One (review). You can read all of the reviews of the ARCs I’ve read in this tag.
  3. Since I’m following a number of literary prizes this year, I decided to compile them all into one post. Well, the ones I’m following anyways =P
  4. Okay, I wasn’t planning on joining a reading challenge this year but I just had to sign up for the Books on France Reading Challenge. I seem to be reading a lot of books set in France or written by a French author and this reading challenge is a lot of fun. You could see what books I’ve decided to read for this challenge in this post
  5. I’ve also started posting about comic books! You can see what I’ve posted up so far by checking out my Comics category. Yay!
  6. No new movie reviews this month but I did start watching Orphan Black, the awesome and thrilling new science fiction show from BBC (and filmed here in Toronto! Canada representing =)). If you haven’t been watching this show…well, why aren’t you watching this show?! It’s crazy awesome. Anyways, I posted up my thoughts from the first three episodes over here
  7. Finally, two of my articles were recently published in this month’s issues of The Catholic Register. Click on the links to find out more about them:

And of course, the following are interesting links that I’ve come across over the past month:

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News: Odds and Ends [October Edition]

Posted 30 October, 2012 by Lianne in Miscellaneous / 2 Comments

I cannot believe it’s the end of another month, eh? Well, the end of the months brings another edition of random links–from me! =P

(Not my gif and sure, it’s random, but the Dowager Countess always has the best expressions =))

And those are my links for this month! Enjoy =)

News: Odds and Ends [September Edition]

Posted 28 September, 2012 by Lianne in Miscellaneous / 0 Comments

I started doing this a few weeks ago where I’d [ost up a list of links to news articles, blog entries and other sites and pages of interest that I’ve stumbled across while online that people might also find interesting. To simplify things, I will do this post around the end of every month just to keep things organised (this month is, of course, an exception). In the process, I can also clean out my bookmarks folder since it’ll always be on my blog =)

  • In Munich, trachten turns trendy — I just saw this post today but since it’s Oktoberfest right now in Bavaria, this was pretty fun to read. Sadly, I wish there were more photos.
  • One Last Sneak Peek at Amy and Rory’s Big Doctor Who Farewell! — Spoilers galore for all your sci-fi and fantasy shows! Ugh, tomorrow’s the last episode of Doctor Who for this half of the series–can’t believe it’s over (until Christmas), what am I going to do in the meantime?! =/
  • BBC Books to release the Melody Malone bookDoctor Who related, I want to read this =P
  • Comic Who — This is cute. And hilarious. And all things Doctor Who =) This is a particular favourite of mine
  • Why Time Travel Stories Should Be Messy — Speaking of Doctor Who, this was a great article! It also made me feel better about that story I wrote for last year’s NaNoWriMo; time travel plays a major role in the story and I was never quite sure if I utilised it right. But is there really a ‘right way’ when it comes to the concept of time travel?
  • The Best Space-Travel Science Fiction Novels — Speaking of sci-fi, this is a great list if you’re looking to check out sci-fi novels
  • Execise Finder — A friend posted up this link, it’s pretty nifty where depending on which part of the body you want to work on, it can tell you loads of different exercises to try =)
  • Five of the Best Sweet Treats to Try in Paris — I need to go back to France…adesso! Errr, I mean, maintenant! (?)
  • The bionic book worm — This has been pretty viral this past week amongst book bloggers and the book community; a literary critic recently remarked that basically book bloggers will essentially destroy literature as we know it. If I had more time on my hands this would be a blog entry of its own but as such I will put this link here and you can make your own conclusions about it

And it looks like that’s it from my bookmarks folder for this month! Hope you find one/some of these of interest ^_~

News: A Collection of Odds and Ends

Posted 8 September, 2012 by Lianne in Miscellaneous / 2 Comments

I’m doing a bit of multitasking at the moment–editing, writing and cleaning out my Bookmarks section (which is very messy and disorganised)–so I’ve decided to post a collection of links to news articles and other related links of interest that caught my attention. It’s an eclectic mix of news, culture, history and pop culture all rolled in one =P

And that’s my collection of odds and ends links for now! I might do this every now and then when time permits (and should my bookmarks start ballooning again). Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend =)

Books: European Literature Podcasts

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My shot inside the Shakespeare & Company bookstore in Paris, France (August 2010)


I’m in the midst of writing my political science paper on the Basques in Spain but I’m also multi-tasking with skimming through the Guardian. The Guardian is doing a series at the moment, focusing on one European country each week. One of spheres they covered are books and so far they’ve covered the following places:

These podcasts are fantastic to listen to because you learn a lot about the literary and bestselling trends in these countries. I’m still listening to the Germany podcast but they’ve also discussed German identity and culture, which is totally up my alley xD Their trends are actually pretty close to North America (vampires are big, international bestsellers are also big but then you have massive tomes on history and the current state of Germany and a lot of health-related books), which is interesting. The podcast on French literature was also fantastic because their literary culture is so different; in a sense, the sort of culture of Voltaire and Rousseau has continued to the present day with the French public’s love of essays. Prices and sales of books are also quite different from the UK or North America (they have a fixed rate) and just the volume and types of books that people read are also very different. So if you’re into European literature and book trends, these podcasts are worth checking out.

This week the Guardian is focusing on Spain, which is exciting because a) I’m writing a paper on them at the moment, b) Spain fascinates me in general and c) I love Spanish literature and poetry (Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Federico Garcia Lorca, etc.) <3