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Movie: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)

Posted 19 December, 2014 by Lianne in Entertainment / 4 Comments

Bilbo and Company are forced to engage in a war against an array of combatants and keep the terrifying Smaug from acquiring a kingdom of treasure and obliterating all of Middle-Earth.


And here we are, the last movie in The Hobbit trilogy. It has been a very long journey suffice to say (including that time when the rights to the movie was in limbo; gosh, that was torturous times) and in recent weeks I had been especially psyched with all the bits that were coming out about the movie. I guess it goes without saying spoilers for all three movies! Also, it turns out my “review” (more like flailings) makes for a lengthy (?) read, so you’ve been forewarned ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Movie: The Book Thief (2013)

Posted 15 March, 2014 by Lianne in Entertainment / 3 Comments

While subjected to the horrors of World War II Germany, young Liesel finds solace by stealing books and sharing them with others. In the basement of her home, a Jewish refugee is being sheltered by her adoptive parents.


I read the book itself years ago (around 2007/2008, I think), but I never posted a review of it here. Suffice to say I really liked the book, so I was curious about the movie. I wondered how they were going to adapt it since Death was the narrator and obviously it’s such a beloved book. I had meant to re-read the novel before watching the adaptation but my mum picked up the DVD and wanted to watch it, so nevermind, maybe some other day =P Contains some minor spoilers ahead!

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Ten Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

Posted 6 March, 2014 by Lianne in Miscellaneous / 10 Comments

10 Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts

Bookish and Not-So-Bookish Thoughts is a weekly blogging event hosted by Bookishly Boisterous. It allows book bloggers (and non-book bloggers) to write about pretty much anything, bookish or otherwise (i.e. share exciting plans for the weekend, rants on things they’ve encountered during the week, etc.).

  1. My relatives were over the previous weekend, which was really nice (hadn’t seen them in a few years now). The previous Monday my cousin, my brother and I went out to see Ripley’s Aquarium, followed by some good ol’ traditional poutine ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I am pretty sick of studying at this point. Last week I had my practical exam for my nursing lab–weirdest thing ever O_O So glad that’s over now…as well as my pathophysio test (yeah, let’s not talk about that one…)
  3. I’m thinking of signing up as an affiliate with the Book Depository just to get a bit of money coming in so that I can do more book giveaways every now and then. Are any of you part of this right now? What do you think of it, yay/nay?
  4. Bookish haul from last week/previous week. My to-read list has grown rather exponentially in recent weeks (oops?)…I should enforce a book-buying ban on myself for the rest of Lent (which my brother says I’ve already lost because a book arrived for me in the post today =P (granted, I won that book in a giveaway but apparently that still counts in his mind))…
  5. Speaking of bookish hauls, I’m back on NetGalley again =P Long story short, one of the publishing companies gave me auto-approved access to their titles and a few have already caught my attention xD Well, at least I had a cleared queue from NetGalley for about a month, lol
  6. I could’ve gone on and on writing my thoughts on Richard Yates’ Revolutionary Road (commentary). All the feels…and the grief x_x
  7. Meanwhile, wow, we reached the conclusion of The Way of Kings read-along! Not sure when I’ll be picking up the second volume of the series but I’ll likely be getting the eBook edition as the hardback’s a mammoth.
  8. I don’t remember if I’ve read any of the books growing up (I may have watched an episode from the animated series) but I’m rather excited for the Paddington movie, lol. Maybe it’s the cast (Colin Firth! Nicole Kidman! Hugh Bonneville! Peter Capaldi!), maybe it’s the bear himself, but yeah, excited, lol:
  9. Meanwhile, guh, Orphan Black s2 premiere is just a wee bit closer. May have totally flailed out when I saw this pop up on my Twitter feed late last week:
  10. I thought this was really cute from two weeks ago or so: Francesco bacia bimbo vestito da Papa: il piccolo scoppia a piangere

And that’s about it from me this week ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy weekend! Be sure to link up over at Bookishly Boisterous if you’re participating.

Movie: Speculation & Wishlist for The Hobbit: There and Back Again (2014)

Posted 19 December, 2013 by Lianne in Entertainment / 11 Comments

Alrighty, now that I’ve gotten my thoughts and flailings down on The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (review), here’s some thoughts and speculation for the third movie coming out…next year (y u so far away?) Contains super massive spoilers if you havenโ€™t seen the first two movies (especially the second movie) or read the book (especially the book?)!

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Movie: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013)

Posted 19 December, 2013 by Lianne in Entertainment / 3 Comments

The dwarves, along with Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the Grey, continue their quest to reclaim Erebor, their homeland, from Smaug. Bilbo Baggins is in possession of a mysterious and magical ring.


You knew this was coming ๐Ÿ˜‰ I reviewed the first movie, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (review), last year and more or less enjoyed it. I even posted up a speculation post about what I thought would be covered in this installment. Well, after a year, here we are ๐Ÿ™‚ I do apologise if this review is all over the place, been in a sort of flail-mode ever since I came back from the theatre and started typing this review. Contains super massive spoilers if you havenโ€™t seen the movie or read the book

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