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Review: Age of Ultron

Posted 22 June, 2013 by Lianne in Comics / 0 Comments

Age of Ultron
By: Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Bryan Hitch, Brandon Peterson, Carlos Pacheco, Butch Guice, Alex Maleev, David Marquez, Joe Quesada (artists)
Format/Source: single issues 01 – 10; my copy

For years the heroes of the Marvel Universe have lived in fear that the artificial intelligence known as Ultron would one day evolve to fulfill its desire to wipe out all organic life and take over the Earth — that day has arrived.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a comics-related post, lol. Seems fitting though that my latest comics post coincides with the final issue to the Age of Ultron series (which apparently was years in the making) and me completing my midterms (sort-of).

Anyways, I was initially not going to check out this series: I already had a number of series that I was following via my pull list, I didn’t need another one. I was hearing a lot of buzz about this series but I figured since I’m still relatively new to the comic book world and the Marvel Universe, I would pass. You know what got me into picking up this series though? The holographic cover on issue one =P And once I read issue one, well, I had to find out what happened next. Contains some spoilers ahead!

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Review: Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon (vol. 1)

Posted 20 April, 2013 by Lianne in Comics / 0 Comments

Hakweye: My Life as a Weapon, vol. 1
By: Matt Fraction (writer), David Aja (illustrator), Javier Pulido (illustrator)
Format/Source: Paperback; my copy

The breakout star of this summer’s blockbuster Avengers film, Clint Barton – aka the self-made hero Hawkeye – fights for justice! With ex-Young Avenger Kate Bishop by his side, he’s out to prove himself as one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! SHIELD recruits Clint to intercept a packet of incriminating evidence – before he becomes the most wanted man in the world. You won’t believe what is on The Tape! What is the Vagabond Code? Matt Fraction pens a Hawkeye thriller that spans the globe…and the darkest parts of Hawkeye’s mind. Barton and Bishop mean double the Hawkeye and double the trouble…and stealing from the rich never looked so good.

COLLECTING: Hawkeye 1-5, Young Avengers Presents 6

I’ve heard sooooooooooooo many good things about this comic from the Marvel Now! series; the first issue is in its fifth printing, which is crazy awesome. So I was pretty thrilled when my copy of the trade finally shipped. I meant to pace myself with this trade and savour the story, but what the heck, I ended up reading the whole thing last night.

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