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Review: Huntress: Year One

Posted 24 February, 2014 by Lianne in Comics / 0 Comments

Huntress: Year One
By: Ivory Madison, Cliff Richards (Illustrator), Art Thibert (Illustrator), Norm Rapmund (Illustrator)
Format/Source: Paperback; my brother’s copy

As the last survivor of a crime family eliminated by bloody rivalries among the mobs of Gotham City, the orphaned Helena Bertinelli grew into the mysterious vigilante known as the Huntress.

New writer Ivory Madison shines a light on the dark underbelly of the mob world spanning from Gotham to Sicily, exploring exactly what led Helena away from a life in the Cosa Nostra criminal society and set her on a path of vigilantism. Also, find out more about Batman’s first meeting with the fledgling female crime-fighter and why, to this day, they struggle to see eye-to-eye.

My first Huntress comic that I read was Crossbow at the Crossroads. I was intrigued by her story, despite the fact that she has different origin stories and families depending on which story you read. This title was recommended by my brother–I forgot how he came across it–and I was curious to see how this author handled Huntress’ story.

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Review: Aquaman: The Trench (vol. 1)

Posted 22 June, 2013 by Lianne in Comics / 2 Comments

Aquaman: The Trench, vol. 1
By: Geoff Johns (writer), Ivan Reis (illustrator), Joe Prado (illustrator)
Format/Source: Paperback; my brother’s copy

The King of the Seven Seas Aquaman returns to his very own ongoing series for the first time in years at the hands of DC Entertainment Chief Creative Office Geoff Johns, who re-teams with GREEN LANTERN collaborator artist Ivan Reis! Between proving himself to a world that sees him as a joke, Aquaman and his bride Mera face off against a long buried terror from the depths of the ocean.

Collecting AQUAMAN #1-6!

I was curious about this title because my brother (I’m a Marvel girl) told me that the story was interesting and Aquaman is awesome in this. You’re probably familiar with the Family Guy skit ridiculing Aquaman and his supposed inability to be an effective superhero outside of water so I was curious to read the comic and see for myself what sort of superhero Aquaman is. This is not my first foray into the New 52 series and while many people have been complaining about the retcon, for newbies like me who have no idea where to begin, it’s a useful jump point for me to start.

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Website: May Updates + Links

Posted 30 May, 2013 by Lianne in Website / 2 Comments

Not my gif, as always ^^

  1. Read a number of books this month, although more on the ARC side than not. On the not side include Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments (review) and Hilary Mantel’s Bring Up the Bodies (review). You can check out all the books I’ve reviewed recently in the book review tag.
  2. On the ARC front I’ve reviewed a number of novels including Benjamin Constable’s Three Lives of Tomomi Ishikawa (review), Beth Hoffman’s Looking For Me (review), Courtney Angela Brkic’s The First Rule of Swimming (review), Sarah Jio’s The Last Camellia (review) and Anthony Marra’s A Constellation of Vital Phenomena (review). You can read all of the reviews of the ARCs I’ve read in this tag.
  3. If you’ve been dropping in on the website all of this month, you may have noticed that I changed layouts twice, lol. Around Mother’s Day it was a rose and all pink and now it’s the Colosseo in Rome and it’s a sort of bright blue. Don’t think I’ll be touching the layout for the next while ^_~
  4. In my attempts to simplify and re-organise my website, I`ve added an About Me and About This Website pages. Still working on it content-wise but it’s there now =P
  5. I’m participating in a blog tour in June and July! Keep an eye out for both of them in the coming months (especially as there are goodies involved ^_~). Click on the banners for more information:

  6. One article of mine was published this month for Youth Speak News. You can read more about what I wrote about and a link to the article over here
  7. No movies reviewed this month but I’ve continued posting my episode reviews of Orphan Black. Series 1 finale is this weekend! I don’t think I’m ready for it, to be honest. You can read all my posts on that show under this tag

And of course, the following are interesting links that I’ve come across over the past month:

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