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Review: Tao of Life and Death

Posted 21 November, 2012 by Lianne in Books / 0 Comments

Tao of Life and Death
By: Stephen McDonough

The story, set in ancient and modern China, is a supernatural tale of mythological, historical, and fictional characters and the lessons they learn.

I received a copy of this volume from the author himself. I haven’t ventured much into Chinese history and culture beyond what I learned from other history courses I’ve done in the past (namely Japanese and British history) so reading this was an interesting experience. It was interesting how the reader is introduced to a couple of different stories but over the course of the volume these stories begin to intertwine with each other (I’d make a reference to one of the beliefs of the Eastern religions but as I’m very hazy in them, I won’t). I think my favourite of the stories was Zhong Kui & Gnarled Pine early in the volume. It was also wonderful that the short stories were accompanied by the author’s artwork, which was a nice touch. Overall it’s an impressive volume utilising Chinese history and culture.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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Review: Remember Why You Fear Me

Posted 22 October, 2012 by Lianne in Books / 0 Comments

Remember Why You Fear Me
By: Robert Shearman

A woman rejects her husband’s heart— and gives it back to him, still beating, in a plastic box. A little boy betrays his father to the harsh mercies of Santa Claus. A widower suspects his dead wife’s face is growing over his own. A man goes to Hell, and finds he’s roommate to the ghost of Hitler’s pet dog. Giant spiders, killer angels, ghost cat photography, and the haunted house right at the centre of the Garden of Eden.

Seems pretty fitting since Hallowe’en is around the corner, eh? ChiZine Publications kindly sent me a copy of Robert Shearman’s book for review; the book is available for purchase this month. Just a bit of background, Shearman has quite a diverse background in writing, from theatre to television shows (perhaps most notably known for writing the series 1 episode “Dalek” for Doctor Who). This book is a collection of stories, the author’s fourth.

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