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Commentary: The Return of the King

Posted 6 September, 2012 by Lianne in Books / 3 Comments

The Return of the King
By: J.R.R. Tolkien

The armies of the Dark Lord are massing as his evil shadow spreads even wider. Men, Dwarves, Elves and Ents unite forces to do battle against the Dark. Meanwhile, Frodo and Sam struggle further into Mordor in their heroic quest to destroy the One Ring.

Well, here we are at the last leg of the journey that is The Lord of the Rings which started with The Fellowship of the Ring (commentary) and continued with The Two Towers (commentary). Contains references to the later two volumes of the story!

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Commentary: The Two Towers

Posted 30 August, 2012 by Lianne in Books / 0 Comments

The Two Towers
By: J.R.R. Tolkien

The Company of the Ring is sundered. Frodo and Sam continue their journey alone down the great River Anduin – alone, that is, save for the mysterious creeping figure that follows wherever they go.

A bit off topic but I actually own a copy of the 1954 (or thereabouts) paperback edition of The Lord of the Rings; I came across it during a book sale and immediately snatched it up. Very cool. Anyways, continuing on my re-read of LOTR following up on The Fellowship of the Ring (commentary). Contains references to all three volumes of the book!

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Commentary: The Fellowship of the Ring

Posted 23 August, 2012 by Lianne in Books / 1 Comment

The Fellowship of the Ring
By: J.R.R. Tolkien

In a sleepy village in the Shire, a young hobbit is entrusted with an immense task. He must make a perilous journey across Middle-earth to the Cracks of Doom, there to destroy the Ruling Ring of Power – the only thing that prevents the Dark Lord’s evil dominion.

If I haven’t mentioned it enough or if my website doesn’t really convey it, The Lord of the Rings is my favourite book ever <3 I had heard of it for as long as I can remember but I read it for the first in 2001 right before the release of the first movie in theatres. I got the boxed set of the books for Christmas and anxiously read it (at the least the first book) before I watched it. I used to re-read the books every year but fell out of that practice a few years ago, mainly because I was moving around quite a bit and then finishing up my grad school work so this is the first time that I’ve re-read it in a while. Contains references to the later two volumes of the story!

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Books: Guards! Guards!

Posted 4 August, 2012 by Lianne in Books / 0 Comments

Guards! Guards! (Discworld #8)
By: Terry Pratchett

Here there be dragons…and the denizens of Ankh-Morpork wish one huge firebreather would return from whence it came. Long believed extinct, a superb specimen of draco nobilis (“noble dragon” for those who don’t understand italics) has appeared in Discworld’s greatest city. Not only does this unwelcome visitor have a nasty habit of charbroiling everything in its path, in rather short order it is crowned King (it is a noble dragon, after all…).

I was going to start this entry off as a review but then I realised I didn’t really want to review the book per se but rather just talk about it a bit. As a reader, this was just a joy to read. I mean, it’s not laugh-out-loud funny but it’s my brand of humour, I found myself snickering in amusement here and there and pretty much everywhere. The bits that especially amused me had to do with whenever Vimes or one of the members of the Watch found themselves confronting the general population; concepts of “the people” and various forms of government (the secret society trying to figure out how a king works, Vimes’ “This is going to be the world’s first democratically killed dragon. One man, one stab.”, etc.) come into play here. I guess as someone who spent a considerable amount of time studying political science it amuses me when these concepts are used in comedic and satirical situations (like watching Yes, Prime Minister…or Monty Python…notice that they’re all British, mind you ^_~).

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Commentary: The Shadow of the Wind

Posted 15 July, 2012 by Lianne in Books / 3 Comments

The Shadow of the Wind
By: Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Barcelona, 1945–Just after the war, a great world city lies in shadow, nursing its wounds, and a boy named Daniel awakes one day to find that he can no longer remember his mother’s face. To console his only child, Daniel’s widowed father, an antiquarian book dealer, initiates him into the secret of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, a library tended by Barcelona’s guild of rare-book dealers as a repository for books forgotten by the world, waiting for someone who will care about them again. Daniel’s father coaxes him to choose a book from the spiraling labyrinth of shelves, one that, it is said, will have a special meaning for him. And Daniel so loves the book he selects, a novel called The Shadow of the Wind by one Julián Carax, that he sets out to find the rest of Carax’s work. To his shock, he discovers that someone has been systematically destroying every copy of every book this author has written. In fact, he may have the last of Carax’s books in existence. Before Daniel knows it, his seemingly innocent quest has opened a door into one of Barcelona’s darkest secrets, an epic story of murder, magic, madness, and doomed love, and before long he realizes that if he doesn’t find out the truth about Julián Carax, he and those closest to him will suffer horribly.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that this was one of those books that I never got around to writing a review for but I wished I did, if only to keep track of what my initial thoughts of the book were. I decided to re-read it as a refresher before I venture on to reading The Prisoner of Heaven and just like the first time, I could not put this book down =P Contains spoilers ahead!

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