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Review: Little Dorrit

Posted 17 June, 2010 by Lianne in Books / 1 Comment

Apologies in advance if this entry is a bit meh; I had started this entry days ago but got busy with offline stuff and plus I’m recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery (got my remaining two removed yesterday) so the mind might be a bit la-la at the moment, lmao xD

Little Dorrit
By: Charles Dickens

Amy Dorrit’s father is not very good with money. She was born in the Marshalsea debtors’ prison and has lived there with her family for all of her 22 years, only leaving during the day to work as a seamstress for the forbidding Mrs. Clennam. But Amy’s fortunes are about to change—the arrival of Mrs. Clennam’s son Arthur, back from working in China, heralds the beginning of stunning revelations not just about Amy but also about Arthur himself.

I learned about Charles Dickens’s Little Dorrit after watching the 2008 BBC adaptation starring Matthew MacFadyen and Claire Foy (which I greatly enjoyed). I received both the DVD and the book last Christmas as a present but didn’t get around to reading it until recently. I’m surprised that this novel doesn’t get more love, it was highly enjoyable! Spoilers ahead!

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Review: Our Mutual Friend (1998)

Posted 5 June, 2009 by Li in Books, Entertainment / 4 Comments

Our Mutual Friend
By: Charles Dickens

I had read Dickens’s Great Expectations back in November/December and wasn’t thoroughly impressed by it; it was okay but I found myself trudging through a good part of the novel. I figured after a while that I probably wasn’t in the right headspace at this time to read Dickens and decided to come back to his works later on. However, I watched the 1998 BBC adaptation of Our Mutual Friend recently and absolutely fell in love with the story so I decided to check the book out as well. And I rather enjoyed it.

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