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In 2017, after years and years of dreaming of publishing my own work, I finally took the plunge and started publishing my own work. Not my fiction, mind you (for now), but I’ve been writing poetry quite steadily for the last few years and decided to collect some of it into books. The following thus is what I have released so far and lined up for the future along with links on where you can purchase these titles. I have yet to work out the details in my head but I hope to offer signed copies directly through this site shortly.

In the meantime, you can also follow my poetry over at Instagram: @shallibeapoetinstead

Shall I Be a Poet Instead?

Shall I Be a Poet Instead? is Lianne M. Bernardo’s first collection of poetry. In it she conveys her thoughts, feelings, and observations of the magic and confusion of life, love, art, the world around us, and the times we live in.

My first collection of poems is a mix of different themes, poems written mostly in 2016 and maybe one or two written before then. I was learning a lot about the process of self-publishing your own work, most of which I chronicled about in this post.

Shall I Be a Poet Intead? is available in the following outlets online: // (and all other worldwide Amazon sites) // Barnes & Noble // The Book Depository

Of Frost and Fury: Poems Written in the Land of Volcanoes and Giants

In April 2017, Lianne travelled to Iceland as part of her vacation. These were the words she wrote whilst she explored and experienced the country in all its splendor.

I was writing quite a bit (or at least trying to) when I travelled to Iceland and Denmark and ended up writing a fair bit of poetry while I was there. I had written enough to collect them into a book. This one was a bit different to put together as I also included photos from my time in Iceland as I felt the landscape itself was poetry in a way. The distribution of this book is also a little differently as I used Blurb. You can learn more about the process in putting together this book in this post.

Of Frost and Fury is available in the following outlets online: (and all other worldwide Amazon sites) // The Book Depository // Barnes & Noble

With Quiet Ardency

With Quiet Ardency is Lianne M. Bernardo’s third poetry collection in which she conveys all of the confusion and emotion of deep longing and unrequited love.

This poetry collection was a long time coming. I meant to release it earlier in 2018 but life just kept getting in the way, not to mention the collection as a whole lies closer to my heart. More insight on how this book was put together to follow on my blog (late September). For now the book is available on, other online retailers to follow.

Last Revised: 18 September 2018