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Article: Youth Speak News [23 November 2012]

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My latest article for the Catholic Register was posted online late last week, yay! =)

The Catholic Register: Youth Speak News

Entitled “Youth knit to keep homeless warm “, I reported about a project hosted by the St. Bonaventure Youth Ministry where they knit hand-made scarves to hand out to the homeless. It’s a wonderful project that really reflects the tenets of charity and service and it was great to hear from organisers and participants about their thoughts on the event.

Before I end up summarising the entire article, you can read it for yourself over here. Let me know what you think, enjoy!

Writing: NaNoWriMo [Day 18]

Posted 18 November, 2012 by Lianne in Writing / 4 Comments

Wouldn’t it be nice if the view out of my window was this rather than the side of my neighbour’s house?

My life, what is this? *thud* I’m supposed to be at…I believe it’s 30 000 words…today but alas, I’ve been busy with deadlines towards the end of last week. However, I have been writing in my notebook so it’s just a matter of transferring it over to know what my word count is–and I’m slowly covering ground, yay!

So, where am I? Well, I’m still writing the big, emotional scenes that stick out in my mind the most. But get this: my main antagonist hasn’t cropped up yet. lol. You hear about him from other characters and the crap he’s done but I just have not written a scene with him in it yet. I hope to remedy that in the next few days as all of the big scenes are dwindling down and it’s now all of the connecting scenes I need to focus on.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I think the literary genre might be more of my niche (aside from fantasy and science fiction). I have a lot more fun writing scenes that involve a lot of characterisation and character interaction rather than the more suspenseful scenes (at least in the case of this writing project–though I do like the genre!).

Anyways, that’s about it in my update for now, let’s see if I catch up 4 000 words today 😉

Writing: NaNoWriMo [Day 14]

Posted 14 November, 2012 by Lianne in Writing / 2 Comments

I’m doing okay, a lot slower than last year, but I’m there (well, I think I’m behind today but I am writing in my notebook here and there so who knows what my word count is at the moment). It’s not exactly meshing together just yet because I’m bouncing around in the novel; as I mentioned last time, I’m writing the scenes that come to me first–dialogue-wise, scene-wise–and then linking them up afterwards. Perhaps not the best approach I’ve done but it makes up for the fact that I don’t have a clear, linear A to B to C story structure so much.

Anyways, this is a bit of a fun post because it’s not so much about my writing progress as it’s a music post ^_~ Okay, so I’m also procrastinating a bit (and working on two articles at the moment) but I’ve done this a few years ago for a Script Frenzy script that I did where I put together a soundtrack for it =) I haven’t quite gelled a solid soundtrack that reflects this story project but here’s a few songs I’d feature ^_~ (more hints as to what I’m writing about, eh?)

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Article: Discourse Magazine [Issue 9, 06 November 2012]

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cover credit

The latest issue of Discourse Magazine is out and ready to be read, just in time for the US elections today. While most of this issue is devoted to the US elections and the various angles and perspectives on it, yours truly focused on something entirely different: Italian politics. Entitled “Silvio Berlusconi Remains Defiant” (pp. 25 – 26 in the issue), I look at the results of Berlusconi’s trial for tax fraud, his reaction and its implications on the Italian political scene. While Italian politics can be somewhat…dramatic…at times, this is not the time for Berlusconi to step up once more into the political scene. With their economy on the verge of slipping into a full-blown recession, the country needs change, both in the way it manages its economy and in its political echelons. I didn’t mention this in the article but I suspect that Berlusconi’s outburst the previous weekend was likely a ploy about his sentencing. That or he’s just reacting for the sake of it. Or both.

Anyways, be sure to check out the latest issue, it’s filled with great topics!!!