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Article: Discourse Magazine [Issue 14, March 2013]

Posted 13 March, 2013 by Lianne in Writing / 0 Comments

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The March issue of Discourse Magazine is out! There’s some great news items examined in this issue including the on-going tensions with North Korea, credit rating agencies and Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation. For this issue I focused on the Italian elections that were held at the end of last month in a piece entitled “An Inconclusive Result for Italy”.

What can I say about these elections that I haven’t mentioned in the article? Well, it’s certainly been an odd journey, starting with Silvio Berlusconi’s re-emergence into the race back in December:

But on a serious note, it was marred with uncertainty as the days drew closer to the election. Although Bersani’s left-centre party led a comfortable lead, there was Beppo Grillo’s M5S and Berlusconi’s party platform to contend with, all amidst spiralling economic problems and public disenchantment with the political class. Naturally the outcome of the elections reflected the public’s uncertainty with the options before them (however concerning the outcome is). The fallout is still felt in the news; we will see whether the parties can overcome their differences and try to construct something of a functioning government.

You can check out the latest issue over at the magazine’s website–and be sure to subscribe so that you can receive the issues directly to your inbox!

Article: Femnista [Jan/Feb 2013]

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Happy 1st of February and a Happy Friday to everyone! And here’s the first issue of Femnista for 2013 to kick off the brand new month =D

For this issue of Femnista I wrote on Millais Culpin & Ethel Bennett from BBC’s Casualty 1900s series. I love how their relationship gradually develops as they work together at the London Hospital but their connection has more or less been there from the start (Charity Wakefield & William Houston’s chemistry in this show is just xD). I think episode 3 from Casualty 1907 remains my favourite with these two–so much development! <3 Also, what's really cool about this couple is that they're based on real-life individuals (just like the rest of the characters on this show) who worked at the London Hospital and that these two really did fall in love (though it sounded like the latter happened away from the London Hospital when they were stationed at the British Hospital in Shanghai).

(image source; edits are my own)

Anyways, this issue is a fantastic one covering romances from a wide range of different mediums (tv, movies, books) from an assortment of time periods. Be sure to check it out! =)

Writing: The Year Ahead in Writing

Posted 8 January, 2013 by Lianne in Writing / 1 Comment

Seeing as I’ve already made a TTT post on bookish resolutions for 2013, why not a writing post too? =P

To date I have a number of writing projects at various stages of the overall writing process. Most of them are at the completed first draft stage but I’m hoping to get some of those moving this year, see which ones have the most potential to move forward and polish up. I guess it helps that I haven’t touched any of those drafts since I’ve completed them. For this 2013 I decided that I will be focusing on 2 particular projects:

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Article: Discourse Magazine [Issue 12, 31 December 2012]

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The final issue of Discourse Magazine for 2012 is out and ready for download! This issue looks back at the year in the news, both on the Canadian front and internationally. I covered the top stories from the European continent, ranging from the referendum in Catalonia to reforms in Italy to all of the national (heads of state) elections. You can find my portfolio, entitled “Europe in 2012” on pp. 13 – 15 of the latest issue (pp. 7 – 9 I think if you’re following the Adobe Reader page count).

You can check out the latest issue over at the magazine’s website–and be sure to subscribe so that you can receive the issues directly to your inbox! It’s been a great year writing for Discourse Magazine, the team is fantastic and I’ve had a lot of fun (and learned a lot!) writing for this publication. I hope you guys enjoyed reading these articles too. I look forward to continuing to write for them in the new year.

Article: Youth Speak News [21 December 2012]

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The Catholic Register: Youth Speak News

Happy Friday! Well, with Christmas just days away (yay!!!), the Christmas issue of The Catholic Register is out! It was my turn to contribute to the weekly YSN column so for this issue I wrote about the virtue of patience during the Advent/Christmas season. I was inspired by the hectic-ness of the Christmas shopping season and how the virtue of patience can not only be applied to getting through the gift-buying madness but to every day of our lives. The world would be a lot less stressful is we practiced some patience =)

Anyways, the title of the column is “‘Tis the Season to be Patient” and you can read it over here. Hope you enjoy the article, let me know what you think!