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Article: Femnista [July/August 2013]

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Happy 1st of August! With the start of the month comes the latest issue of Femnista!

This issue’s focus is on friendships and for it I wrote about the wonderful, hilarious and amazing friendship between the Doctor and Donna Noble from BBC’s Doctor Who. Series 4 is my favourite series from new Who (well, tied with series 2) because it was so fun and epic and not a single episode bored me. One of the other reasons I enjoyed it was because of the chemistry between the Doctor and Donna; as I mentioned in the article, the dynamic is rather buddy-cop or a comedy duo and it’s just fantastic to watch on-screen. Sometimes they’re hilarious, sometimes Donna is holding the Doctor accountable to some of his actions and what he can and cannot do. It was a real pity they didn’t have more than a series together, their adventures and experiences were fun to watch.

Some of my favourite Donna Noble moments (that I could find on YouTube O_o):

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Article: Youth Speak News [26 July 2013]

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The Catholic Register: Youth Speak News

My latest (and final!) article for Youth Speak News has been recently published, entitled WYD Past and Present. It was pretty timely that I was scheduled to write a column as World Youth Day is currently being held in Rio de Janeiro. It was a lovely opportunity to reflect on the World Youth Day celebrations that took place here in Toronto back in 2002.

I say that it is my final article because my time with the Youth Speak News team is ending next month and a new team will be coming in for the 2013 – 2014 year. Writing for YSN and the Catholic Register has been a marvelous experience; it was a lovely opportunity to not experience what it’s like to write for a newspaper but also to write about topics of faith, something that was not only different different (as I usually write about current events or pop culture) but also something that makes up an important part of my life. Plus, you know, the whole writing at the national scale is pretty cool too *blushes*

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed the articles I have written! 🙂

Article: Youth Speak News [24 May 2013]

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The Catholic Register: Youth Speak News

I recently wrote an op/ed piece for Youth Speak News entitled “Living Faith Through the Written Word”. My column basically recounts my experience writing for the YSN this past year and how it contributed to my continuing journey in faith. It was a unique experience; not only did I learn a lot about journalism and what it’s like to contribute to a national publication but also explore themes of my Catholic faith through these columns and news items that I’ve written.

Speaking of which, Youth Speak News is looking for aspiring writers to join the 2013 – 2014 team! If you’re Canadian, Catholic and a high school/university/college/under the definition of youth according to the Catholic Church, it’s a fantastic opportunity to contribute your writing skills to the community. More information about the programme and how to apply can be found at the following link.

And that’s about it! I actually just came back from a weekend retreat with YSN, which was a lot of fun and very informative, so the timing of this piece & the call for applications was pretty ace. Let me know what you think of the article, enjoy! =)

Article: Youth Speak News [26 April 2013]

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The Catholic Register: Youth Speak News

My latest column for Youth Speak News is available on the website now! Entitled Renaissance Reveals Faith, I wrote about my recent trip to the Art Gallery of Ontario to visit the exhibit Revealing the Early Renaissance: Secrets and Stories in Florentine Art.

I really enjoyed my trip to the AGO for this exhibit, partly because I haven’t been to the art gallery in years, not since before the major renovation that pretty much revamped the entire gallery. The exhibit itself contained a myriad of art pieces, from manuscripts to triptychs (panels such as the photo on the left that were commonly used on altars), from various collections located around the world. Stepping into the exhibit, it was like stepping back to Italy again as a lot of the churches there do feature Renaissance art.

The visit was also quite a learning experience. The historian in me obviously was \o/ looking at the artwork, contemplating on how these pieces were seen by many in the 14th century in churches and chapels, how the copies of Dante’s Inferno were shelved in the family library–I was actually quite amused by those copies, they’re quite readable =) But it’s also interesting because these artists are not as well known as the common names of Michelangelo and da Vinci in the later/high period of the Renaissance. These artists paved the way, so to speak, trying new techniques and bringing art out of the medieval forms and towards the humanistic, Renaissance style. I also learned a lot about what triptychs are, what the Laudario di Sant’Agnese was, what confraternities do and about the art community located just outside of Florence.

All in all, it was a fun excursion to the gallery; I also took the time to check out the European collection, which was lovely. It was quite a dizzying experience in that there’s so much to see and the new layout of the gallery left me sort of trying to navigate my way around. Anyways, let me know what you think of the column (in which I contemplated more about the presence of faith and the communal culture of the Catholic church) and if you’re in town, I’d recommend checking it out at some point *thumbs up*

Article: Youth Speak News [12 April 2013]

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The Catholic Register: Youth Speak News

My latest article for the Youth Speak News section of The Catholic Register is up for reading! Entitled Gender still a strong factor in abortions, says film, it’s my review of a documentary film entitled It’s a Girl! that looks at sex selective abortion that’s happening around the world.

Here’s the trailer to the movie:

You can read more about the idea behind the documentary, where to watch it and the people behind the project over at the official website. It’s an eye-opening documentary about a very serious issue that’s happening around the world.