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Writing: NaNoWriMo — Day 17

Posted 17 November, 2011 by Lianne in Writing / 0 Comments

(this photo is actually thesis-related rather than NaNoWriMo-related but I thought it was fitting nonetheless)


Yeah, that’s pretty much my reaction right now (well, since last night actually; I had class this morning and stuff to take care of so I haven’t exactly written today). According to my stats, I am 5 970 words away from crossing the finish line, which is pretty crazy! I actually had this major spurt of writing drive the other day and wrote a whopping 4 000+ words in about an hour and some, which is pretty massive!

However, this does not mean that my story done, nor do I think it will be done in aobut 6 000 words. As you may recall, I had divided my novel into 6 parts; I am now at the beginning of the last part but I had to skip over the flashback (or flashforward, depending on how you want to view it) of part five because I was more concerned with getting through the plot and resolving it. Of course I’ll have to go back and incorporate it in afterwards because it’s important to fleshing out the mystery and a lot of the timeline issues then. Despite the fact that I’m almost done word count-wise, it’s resolving the issue that remains at the heart of my novel that’s the central challenge for the next few days. We’ll see how this works out.

Also, it was rather weird writing the fourth part of the novel from another character’s perspective rather than my main character’s. I guess it’s another reason why I’m so adamant to get back to part 5, because she’s the titular character there (as well as part 6 to the end, but I missed following her in part 4).

In the meantime, I have written about 1 and a 1/2 lengths equivalent to my MA thesis (about). Crazy, huh?

Writing: NaNoWriMo — Day 12

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So here I am at Day 12 of NaNoWriMo and I think it’s fair to say that I’m still holding out, lol. It’s pretty surprising to think that I actually surpassed halfway of the 50 000 word mark about two days ago; I still have a good 20 000 to go, but this is cool!

Story-wise is a bit of a different issue altogether. When I had hit 25 000 the other day, I was like \o/ but then realised that I was still in part 2 of section 1, which was essentially the flashback story (my story is essentially divided into…2 sections containing 3 parts to each; then there’s a conclusion divided into 2 parts. There’s no chapter system going on at the moment because quite frankly I don’t know where to put those chapters). In the grand scheme of things, I guess this is no problem, but at the same time it was a bit of a wake-up call in that I should really start picking up the pace and moving forward because part 4 (the beginning of the second section) to the end is supposed to be just one major adrenaline run to get to the end. In attempts of moving quickly to that second half of the story, where everything starts coming together, I ended up truncating part 3 big time; it was only a few pages long and was more narrative than dialogue or emotion or anything really, lol. I actually had to note down this issue in my writing notebook to remind myself later during the editing period that this section needed to be expanded on big time.

Gah, I’m sorry if the section/part/division of my story makes no sense x/

So at 31 397 words as I type this blog entry, I’m already a few pages into part 4 of the novel. It’s an interesting experience writing this part because it basically starts with a reiteration of an earlier scene, but with obvious changes (oh, the results of time travel/time changing as a result of someone mucking around with it). I had to cut and paste the original scene in a separate Word document, read through it and then make the changes dialogue-wise (slightly but with the same information being relayed) and obviously the character change/insertion. Again, will have to make note how much I want to expand later on—right now I’m more concerned with just getting the plot moving to where it’s supposed to be as we slowly move into Week 3 of NaNoWriMo (Week 3 already? Where has the month gone? O_O).

So that’s about it from me for now. Still going strong! I reckon though the next update might contain a bit more frustration as I still haven’t figured out how the overall conclusion of the story will work (this is the part where the time shift explanation comes into play). Stay tuned =P

Writing: NaNoWriMo — Day 7

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I’m still alive!

If you’re following my Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been making considerable progress towards hitting the halfway mark; it has been hitting stride especially mid-last week when I got out of the funk of the introduction part of the novel and moving in to the flashback (the part that explains how my main character ended up in the situation she is in).

I kind of hit another slow point in the storytelling on Saturday and Sunday because I was in the area between point A and point B; those parts of the novel where the characters are moving from one location to another can be tricky sometimes because it can be boring—you just want to get there already! I guess it also didn’t help that I had a job interview on Saturday and had a staff meeting last night (good fun, information overload). I’m actually starting a job this week/next week; it’s seasonal but that means I’m going to have to start doing the whole “got to commit typing at least how many words today” scheduling xD We’ll see how I do then, lol.

So this is where I’m at, word count-wise (as of 1.30AM):

19150 / 50000 words. 38% done!

I should definitely be out of the flashback sequence by the end of this week but again,

Writing: NaNoWriMo – Day 2

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More research-themed than writing-themed but you get the idea, lol

Whoo-hoo, so here we are on the second day of NaNoWriMo! I was able to squeeze a bit of writing starting at midnight of November 1 because of the way my schedule worked yesterday but it wasn’t until this evening that I was able to continue (the last few days have been a little weird schedule-wise; it should teeter out by the end of the week).

So how am I doing? Well, it’s been all right so far; am trying hard to ignore what is called the “Inner Editor” in me and ignoring the fact that my sentences don’t sound up to par as usual. It is a first draft, after all. What has been pretty blah is the slow build-up to my story. I should explain at this point that

a) my story is a science fiction
b) it’s about a woman who’s been displaced out of her time period so she’s trying to figure out what happened and how to get back to her original timeline
c) the working title of this story project is called “Displacement”

That’s of course the basic gist of the story; it gets a bit complicated when you start breaking it down and going back and forth with the time travel and the story narrative. I’m still at the beginning where I’m establishing the predicament that my character’s in; she wakes up thousands of kilometres away from where she last was and somehow she’s not registering in any of the official databases and stuff. So that stuff’s pretty slow; I’m trying to move as fast as I can to the part of the narrative where she starts talking about the mission she was in that led her to the situation that she currently finds herself in because that stuff’s more interesting and there’s more interaction beyond her and her attending doctor.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at at the moment. As of right now, I’m at 5417 words, which is pretty good, I’m working at a pretty steady rate. I might type a bit more before I go to bed (in attempts of correcting my sleeping pattern at the moment). To all the NaNo-ers out there, best of luck with your story projects!

Random: What’s Happening, What’s to Come

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Where has the month gone? One minute it’s the end of September and now it’s the end of October!

(I got these animated gifs (this and others I’ve used in two other posts) from LJ but I don’t know who the original maker was; if you’re that person, just comment and I’ll credit you—thanks!)

01. So I blitzed through the entire month reading books and cleaning my room, which means a) posted some book reviews, b) reorganised my bookshelves (which were a mess before, with books on my desk, in my closet and sort of on the floor) and c) still have not posted up photos from my vacation (though you can see a few over at my shiny new photoblog).

02. The slow reorganisation of my website continues: if you type in the url to my website (, you will be instantly redirected here to this blog rather than to an index page. I decided that since this blog is used more often than the other segments of my website, it should be brought to the fore. If you scroll down, on the first column menu, you will see a heading entitled “”. Here you will find the links to the other subsections of my website, such as the personal gallery and the photoblog.

03. Next month is going to interesting; as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m going to be particpating in NaNoWriMo for the first time! The event starts on Tuesday, and I’m pretty much geared up and ready to go. Thanks to a conversation I had with my brother earlier, my general plot has shifted a bit and has been become rather exciting so we’ll see how it goes! So that means I probably won’t be reading as crazy much as I was this past month but you never know, I have a tendency of reading novels when I should be typing away! I’ll post updates here and there over here, we’ll see. By the way, if you’re interested in adding me over there, this is me; just let me know who you are when you add me ^_~