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Website: November Updates + Odds and Ends

Posted 29 November, 2012 by Lianne in Website / 2 Comments

(not my gif BUT I finally watched Despicable Me! Never posted a review here but I finally understand all of the gifs floating on the internet–I <3 it, I want a minion of my own =P)

I cannot believe it’s the end of another month! Where has November gone?

  1. I’ve posted up a few book reviews this month; you can check them all out by browsing through this tag.
  2. Exciting book-related news on this blog: my first author interview! I recently interviewed Robert Shearman about his short stories, particularly his latest collection Remember Why You Fear Me that came out last month, and the creative process. You could read the full interview over here. Exciting stuff =D
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Website: October Updates

Posted 31 October, 2012 by Lianne in Website / 2 Comments

Happy Hallowe’en! Well, it’s the end of another month so here’s an update on what has been going on here at my site:

  1. I’ve posted up a number of book reviews this month; you can check them all out by browsing through this tag. One book review to point out in particular is Robert Shearman’s Remember Why You Fear Me; I kindly received a copy from ChiZine Publishers for review prior to the release. It’s a great collection to check out and just in time for Hallowe’en. You can read my review over here.
  2. Speaking of books, I also posted my favourite closing sentences from books recently. Be sure to check it out, share some of your favourites?
  3. I did not watch any movies this month (surprise surprise, I’m ever behind in that category) but I did watch the first season of Homeland. Fantastic show, deserved all the awards. You can read my (perhaps ramble-y) thoughts about the show over here.
  4. For the first time in a while I’ve posted some photos! They’re from my birthday but it still counts ^_~
  5. The September/October issue of Femnista was released on the 1st. The issue focused on movies and books based from true life stories; I contributed a piece looking at George VI. You can read more about this issue and my comments about that topic in this post.
  6. Discourse Magazine came out with two issues this month. For these issues I looked at the recent public discontent in Portugal over the austerity measures and Greece’s continuing struggle for economic solvency. Be on the lookout for next week’s issue, it’s going to be a good one ^_~
  7. I also wrote an article for the Catholic Register‘s Youth Speak News looking at Catholic speed dating.
  8. Speaking of writing, NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow! I blogged about it earlier this month and I’m more or less ready for it. This is me if you’re planning on participating and want to add me. I will try to update every now and then over here about my status on my novel.
  9. I’ve started posting this new feature called “Little Letters” started by my friend Rissi. You can browse through this blog to see my past letters. If you’re participating, be sure to link up at Rissi’s blog and share it with us!
  10. Blog-wise, my Christmas header will probably be posted around Advent…if I get impatient, probably mid-November =P I’m hoping to change my layout in the coming year…the question is whether I have the patience to learn how to programme the Thematic template or whether to purchase a template like Thesis or something.

There was one other thing I was going to note but I decided to leave it off for next time because it’s concerning something that won’t happen for another few months ^_~ Well, that’s about it from me, hope you’re all having a wonderful week!

Website: September Updates

Posted 29 September, 2012 by Lianne in Website / 0 Comments

Not my gif, as per usual

Well, it’s the end of another month! Personally I cannot believe there’s only three months left in the year! (And less than 7 days until German food for me, whoo! \o/) Anyways, here’s what has been going on here at the site for the past month:

01. As always I’ve been posting up my book reviews. ChiZine Publications kindly sent me Daniel Rabuzzi’s The Choir Boats (review) and The Indigo Pheasant (review) for review; the latter was released earlier this month. Other notable reviews this month include Tricia Dower’s Stony River, a novel that came out in paperback I believe in late August (I could be wrong); you can check out the review over here. You can always browse through this tag to check out all of my latest book reviews. On a personal note, I finally read Wharton’s The House of Mirth (review) and Barnes’ The Sense of an Ending (review) and I absolutely love both books =D

02. My articles on Discourse Magazine continue. Earlier this month I wrote on FGM for a special issue on the status of women around the globe. This week I wrote an article focusing on the intensifying Spain-Catalan tensions amidst their economic crisis.

03. Meanwhile my work with Youth Speak News at The Catholic Register started this month! I’ve written my first column for the newspaper, all of which you could read about here.

04. I’ve been posting up my reviews of Doctor Who here every week (albeit a few days later). If you’ve missed them you can check them out here: 7.01, 7.02, 7.03, 7.04. And of course episode 7.05 is airing today ^_~

05. I posted up two movie reviews this month too: Snow White and the Huntsman (review) and Last Night (review). Yeah, it’s a slow trudge for me when it comes to movies.

06. I’ve started a new monthly thing here on the blog where I’ll be making a post featuring some interesting articles and entries and news items that I’ve stumbled across over the web.

07. Random little aside, you may notice on the top menu that there’s something called Portfolio. It’s actually my online partial CV featuring some of my work. Unfortunately I’m too busy to update my other domain so it looks like that’s going to go next year and with that mini-site I can just feature certain works that I can show professionally. Once it’s all populated and updated, that is =P

Lastly, I’m a bit behind at commenting at the moment. It’s been a bit of a week on my end and unfortunately next week isn’t looking too good either with a few deadlines to meet and Friday pretty much booked. So please bear with me, I have not forgotten your comments! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a happy end of the month/start of a new month! xD

Website: August Updates

Posted 28 August, 2012 by Lianne in Website / 5 Comments

Not my gif, as always. By the way, I miss Drogba playing for Chelsea *tear* He’s like, a hero

Buon giorno a tutti! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesdays…I’m sitting here reading through some reports from the EU in preparation for my next Discourse article lol but I figured now’s a good time to do an update on what’s going on here:

01. Been a little eclectic on what I’ve posted in the month of August, mostly for the two major memes that I participate in, Teaser Tuesdays and Top Ten Tuesdays. I’ve also started participating in Musing Mondays again and occasionally will participate in Book Beginnings on Fridays.

02. The July/August issue of Femnista is out! Be sure to check it out; I’ve posted a bit of commentary about the article I contributed for that issue over here if you’re interested.

03. I’ve also started contributing to Discourse Magazine. You can find out more about the articles I’ve written over here.

04. Just a heads up for what’s going on with the website in the next few weeks…I will be changing the header and the colours, get it to reflect the coming autumn season (thank goodness! I am so done with summer, it’s not even funny). As an aside, I’m also hoping to learn how to customise the Thematic theme for WordPress so that I can eventually make my own layouts that are unique to my domain. But that of course is a bit of wishful thinking, we’ll see what actually gets done in the next few weeks ^_~

05. Hmm, I thought I had another point to include here…if I have time, I hope to post up some photos and whatnot, expand the breadth of posts that I’ve been making here. I feel like I’m constantly re-organising this website but it’s to make it more accessible and organised, really xP But we’ll see what I can do, I’m trying to work on a few writing projects offline as well (disciplining myself at the moment seems to be the problem lol).

And that’s about it, hope everyone is having a good week =)

Website: July Updates (and other Ramblings)

Posted 21 July, 2012 by Lianne in Website / 0 Comments

Not my gif, as always

It’s been a month since I’ve done a proper update so here we go…

01. I’ve watched a ton of movies recently. Like really, just browse through the Movies category and you’ll find all of my reviews there =P

02. I’ve also been reading and reviewing a ton of books recently, all of which you could find under the Books category. Outside of the Top Ten Tuesdays meme I’ve also done other list. I never got any feedback about it but would you guys be interested in reading more self-made lists from me?

03. On the flipside, I haven’t really been watching a whole lot of television lately but meet my newest addiction: Haven =P

04. On a more website-related note, is on BlogLovin’ and NetworkedBlogs so feel free to add me over there! =) I mentioned this before but I also have a Book Review Policy for this interested.

05. I was drawing a bit recently in my sketchbook. I hope to make a post featuring the stuff I drew as soon as I have enough =)

06. I recently got Scrivener on my laptop (woot!) and am hoping to organise myself writing-wise. I have over 5 – 6 writing projects that are at various stages of development (3 of them at least have more or less completed first drafts thanks to my participation in NaNoWriMo, ScriptFrenzy and Camp NaNoWriMo this past June and another was written out years ago) including one that I am currently brainstorming and that I have a feeling I will start writing because the character sketch is pretty detailed. I’m a little all over the place as to how to proceed in organising myself with them so that will be my project for the next little while (though I hope to also revamp my other website in the next few weeks). We’ll see, I might make occasional updates on my writing projects =)

And that’s about it in terms of updates. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! =)