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Trailers Time!

Posted 29 July, 2016 by Lianne in Entertainment / 6 Comments

Heh, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I almost missed the fact that it was SDCC recently until I saw the mass appearance of new trailers and everything else. So without further ado…


(not my gif)

Yaaaaaaassssss, I need this in my life. Like, I was curious about this movie, but now I’m officially excited 😛

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Movie: The Leviathan (2014)

Posted 26 May, 2016 by Lianne in Entertainment / 2 Comments

In a Russian coastal town, Kolya is forced to fight the corrupt mayor when he is told that his house will be demolished. He recruits a lawyer friend to help, but the man’s arrival brings further misfortune for Kolya and his family.


I had ben curious about this movie ever since it won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film in 2015. It looked like a stunning film and I’m always up to watching more foreign films & Russian films. So I was very happy when I finally got around to picking it up and watching it.

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Movie: Ida (2013)

Posted 25 May, 2016 by Lianne in Entertainment / 4 Comments

Anna, a young novitiate nun in 1960s Poland, is on the verge of taking her vows when she discovers a dark family secret dating back to the years of the Nazi occupation.


A bit of a postscript: I actually watched this movie last year but this review sort of languished in my Drafts folder for some reason. So I’m posting it now 😉

I was curious about this movie leading up to the Oscars because it was mentioned having a good chance of winning alongside Russia’s Leviathan (review to follow shortly after this one goes live). I didn’t really know much about this movie except that it was filmed in black and white and that it was submitted from Poland. I checked out the movie shortly after it won.

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Movie: The Assassin (2015)

Posted 24 May, 2016 by Lianne in Entertainment / 0 Comments

An assassin accepts a dangerous mission to kill a political leader in seventh-century China.


I have been eyeing this movie since I heard of it last year when there was a lot of buzz surrounding the film at the Cannes Film Festival. I was surprised it wasn’t nominated for Best Foreign Film this past award season given that the buzz it got in 2015 but nonetheless I was curious to check it out.

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Movie: Ant-Man (2015)

Posted 23 May, 2016 by Lianne in Entertainment / 10 Comments

Armed with a super-suit with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, cat burglar Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, plan and pull off a heist that will save the world.


I think I mentioned it to one or two of you, but I think I’ve experienced what some call superhero movie fatigue. In 2014 I was excited for Avenges: Age of Ultron but alas, by the time it came around I wasn’t as excited to check it out, and I haven’t gotten around to watching it in its entirety or reviewing it (at this rate, I don’t think I will). I am however looking forward to watching Captain America: Civil War eventually as well as Doctor Strange because I’m really curious about it. Ant-Man sort of fits in an odd spectrum: I’m curious about it, the cast looks solid, but I can’t say I was terribly excited about it, rushing out to pick it up and watch it. So I didn’t quite pick it up until earlier this year when, on a whim, I decided to watch it.

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