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Review: Heart and Brain & Heart and Brain: Gut Instincts

Posted 13 January, 2017 by Lianne in Comics / 2 Comments

Heart and Brain
By: Nick Seluk
Format/Source: Paperback; my purchase

From paying taxes and getting up for work to dancing with kittens and starting a band, readers everywhere will relate to the ongoing struggle between Heart and Brain.

Heart and Brain: An Awkward Yeti Collection illustrates the relationship between the sensible Brain and its emotionally driven counterpart, the Heart.

Boasting more than one million pageviews per month, has become a webcomic staple since its creation in 2012.

Heart and Brain: Gut Instinct
By: Nick Seluk
Format/Source: Paperback; my purchase

Fans of Poorly Drawn Lines, Liz Climo, Randall Munroe, and The Oatmeal will love this riotous collection marking the return of optimistic Heart and analytical Brain with over 60 brand-new, never-before-seen comics.

Vigorously demanded and highly anticipated, Heart and Brain: Gut Instincts is the follow-up to the tremendously popular New York Times bestseller, Heart and Brain: An Awkward Yeti Collection.

The Awkward Yeti’s Heart and Brain comics perfectly illustrate the ongoing, internal struggle betwixt head and heart.

Heart and Brain: Gut Instincts features the same lovable characters as the first book and introduces a host of other vital organs like insatiable Tongue, irritable Bowels, and abused Stomach.

Okay, I decided to combine the two reviews for this comic series as my reaction is more or less the same for both. Firstly, I found out about this comic from Instagram and I believe a blogger that I follow posted something about it in the past but I never sought to learn more about it until I came across the official Instagram account. Anyway, I was sold by how amusing the panels were and immediately purchased the two volumes to enjoy for myself.

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Review: Aquaman: Maelstrom (vol. 6)

Posted 23 May, 2016 by Lianne in Comics / 0 Comments

Aquaman: Maelstrom (vol. 6)
By: Jeff Parker (writer)
Format/Source: Paperback; my brother’s copy

The ruthless Chimer—a new villain with links to Aquaman’s past—has arrived to destroy the King of the Seven Seas, and Arthur may not be powerful enough to stop him! Meanwhile, with threat after threat demanding his attention, it’s fallen to Mera to hold Atlantis together, even if most of the city wants her dead! The conspirators hiding in the shadows of the city’s darkest reaches can’t hide forever—but can Mera get to them before Atlantis comes apart?

Find out in these tales from Aquaman #32-40 and stories from Secret Origins #2 and 5!

So, fun fact: this is actually the last collected volume of Aquaman for the New 52! The next issue is the start of the new run (and after my brother and I got spoiled with the premise, we thought it was best that we were ending our collection with this issue (that decision was made beforehand, but learning the plot of the new series just confirmed it)). Anyway, new volume, hurray! It seems like a running theme since they became King and Queen of the Seven Seas that Atlantis is falling apart, but that book blurb does a poor explanation as to what is really going on in this issue. The following contains SPOILERS if you haven’t read the New 52 series to date!

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Review: Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall

Posted 12 May, 2016 by Lianne in Comics / 6 Comments

Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall
By: Bill Willingham (Writer), Esao Andrews (Illustrator), John Bolton (Illustrator), Mark Buckingham (Illustrator), James Jean (Illustrator), Derek Kirk Kim (Illustrator), Jill Thompson (Illustrator), Mark Wheatley (Illustrator), Charles Vess (Illustrator), Michael Wm. Kaluta (Illustrator), Tara McPherson (Illustrator
Format/Source: Paperback; my brother’s copy

This volume, set in the early days of Fabletown, long before the FABLES series began, featuring sequences illustrated by Charles Vess, Brian Bolland, John Bolton, Michael Wm. Kaluta, James Jean, Mark Buckingham, Jill Thompson and more, 1,001 NIGHTS OF SNOWFALL is both an entry point to the critically acclaimed series and an essential part of Willingham’s enchanting and imaginative FABLES mythos.

Traveling in Arabia as an Ambassador from the exiled FABLES community, Snow White is captured by the local sultan who wants to marry her (and then kill her). But the clever Snow attempts to charm the sultan instead by playing Scheherazade, telling him fantastic stories for a total of 1,001 nights. Running the gamut from horror to dark intrigue to mercurial coming-of-age, FABLES:1,001 NIGHTS OF SNOWFALL reveals the secret histories of familiar FABLES characters through a series of compelling and visually illustrative tales.

I picked this collection up for Christmas for my brother. I had been eyeing it for a while and I knew he would appreciate this collection as it contained some origin stories for some of the characters we know regularly from the series. May contain spoilers if you’re not familar with the series or haven’t read it!

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Review: Aquaman: Sea of Storms (vol. 5)

Posted 11 May, 2016 by Lianne in Comics / 4 Comments

Aquaman: Sea of Storms (vol. 5)
By: Jeff Parker (writer), Paul Pelletier (Illustrations), Sean Parsons (Illustrations)
Format/Source: Paperback; my brother’s copy

The “Sea of Storms” story arc begins with the debut of new “Aquaman” writer Jeff Parker (BATMAN 66)!

The Earth’s crust is grinding to life, releasing deadly volcanoes and bizarre creatures … so humanity’s first instinct is to blame Atlantis! And as the plates pull apart, the pressures of ruling a kingdom under siege are weighing on Aquaman and Mera as well!

Collects “Aquaman” #26-31, “Aquaman” Annual #2 and “Swamp Thing” #32.

It’s been a while since I’ve read an Aquaman title so here we are, volume 5 of the New 52 series! My brother and I were a little iffy whether or not we would continue following the series given the change in writer but we were rather curious whether one particular storyline would make its eventual appearance so we decided to continue on.

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Review: Adulthood is a Myth

Posted 3 May, 2016 by Lianne in Comics / 8 Comments

Adulthood is a Myth
By: Sarah Andersen
Format/Source: Paperback; my purchase

Are you a special snowflake? Do you love networking to advance your career? Have you never wasted a fresh new day surfing the internet? Ugh. This book is not for you. Please go away.

Sarah’s Scribbles — casually drawn, perfectly on-point comics by young Brooklyn-based artist Sarah Andersen — confront head-on the horrors, anxiety, and awkwardness of modern adult life. From the agony of holding hands with a gorgeous guy to the yawning pit of hell that is the wifi gone down to the eye-watering pain of eating too-hot pizza because one cannot stand to wait for it to cool down, Sarah fearlessly documents it all.

Like the work of fellow Millennial authors Allie Brosh, Grace Helbig, and Gemma Correll, Sarah’s total frankness on extremely personal issues such as body image, self-consciousness, introversion, relationships, and bra-washing makes her comics highly relatable and consistently hilarious.

You may have seen a comic or two of hers at one point or another (this one in particular made its round in the book community some time ago). I can relate to a lot of the scenarios she’s drawn about so I was quite delighted to hear that she had published her comics into a book.

Anyway, what can I say about this book except go to the bookstore and pick it up ASAP! I was cracking up as I was reading it because a lot of it is my kind of humour (complete with flailing), but the observations are also quite astute, and in short I really do relate to a lot of what goes on with her comic heroine: about reading books, dealing with social situations, being an introvert (this I can reaaaaaaaaally relate to). But other observations are also just as clear, from social expectations, inequality, being a woman (and the suckiness which is being on your period), and just life itself and the realisations we learn along the way. Oh, and the craziness that is dressing appropriately during whichever season it is 😛

So yeah, Adulthood is a Myth: pick it up, enjoy its awesomeness! (and her sweater is fuzzy! I was most amused) 😀

On a final note, this is not in the collection but lmao forever (also cringing because I’ve done this a few times myself)

Rating: ★★★★★

Visit the author’s official website || Purchase a copy from the Book Depository