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eclectic tales is my little space on the world wide web. What started as a personal website housing my odds and ends became predominantly a book blog, though I occasionally post some of my random thoughts and flailings ranging from television shows and movies to the occasional piece of writing. This webspace was previously known as rulethewaves.net, caffeinatedlife.net, and eclectictales.com.

As mentioned, this is first and foremost my book journal where I can record my thoughts on the books I’ve read. I’ve been an avid reader growing up but have only seriously started keeping track of everything I’ve read with the advent of social media websites such as GoodReads and meeting book lovers and bloggers on the web who also blog about the books they read. I book blog for fun and because I wish to share with readers and wanderers some of the books I’ve enjoyed reading.

From 2007 – 2016 this site was hosted by AP Web Solutions (now closed). It is currently hosted by InsanitySandwich.com.

Why eclectic tales?

I chose eclectictales.com as the current name of my domain to reflect what I primarily blog about, and the varied range of books I read (literary, classics, fantasy, non-fiction history titles, etc.). I loved my previous blog url but I wanted something a little more reflective of what I use this webspace for (plus, I was getting a bit confused with the number of caffeinated blogs out there ;P). Oh, and I love the word “eclectic” 😛 It just took a while to come up with the “tales” bit; I wanted something story-related, but I didn’t want my url to be very long.

Resources Used

Please note that all images to book covers, movies, and television shows belong to their respective owners. Other elements used in this blog:

Review Policy

Please note that I am not accepting any proposals for book reviews and/or book spotlights & guest posts related to book promotions. Thank you for considering my blog to review your novel but my schedule online and off is far too busy to accommodate any further books for consideration. Please do not email me with any proposals as I will promptly ignore them.

The books reviewed here on this website are a mix between books I own, books I’ve received to read as part of an online book tour, books I’ve won through the GoodReads (formerly the First Reads programme), the LibraryThing Early Reviewers programme, and various contests held by publishing companies. In the past I’ve also been approved of advanced reading copies from publishing companies as part of their bloggers programmes as well as through NetGalley or Edelweiss, and occasionally through author requests.

All the reviews featured here, whether the books were purchased on my own or sponsored, are my honest opinions & reactions. They are normally posted (albeit abbreviated) on GoodReads, LibraryThing (no longer as of January 2016), and Riffle Books and promoted on Twitter and Facebook. I have not figured out the murky world of posting reviews on retail websites like Chapters Indigo and Amazon; please bear with.

Privacy Policy

For all giveaways hosted on this blog (not part of a book blog tour or sponsor), I do not keep your mailing addresses after the prizes are mailed out. I value your privacy.


Please note that eclectictales.com is an affiliate of The Book Depository. For every purchase made through entering the website, I will receive a 5% commission. The revenue will be used to maintain the website and go towards books, like upcoming giveaways hosted here.

Update (12 August 2017): As of now I will be slowly phasing out of my affiliation with the Book Depository given the launch of my own publication(s). For now this disclaimer will remain as I have to figure out a way of removing the links.


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