She’s alive! An update

Posted 15 March, 2021 by Lianne in Website / 1 Comment

Hello world! I’m still here, lol.

Well, I mean, I haven’t fully fallen the face of the earth as this blog may suggest–I am active on Instagram–but I have been terribly busy. I’m in my final semester of my RN programme (at long last!) so it’s been crazy busy navigating my preceptor’s schedule with my own schedule on top of other schoolwork, a project I’m spearheading at work, this ongoing pandemic, and so forth. Hectic, right?

I do hope to get back to blogging at some capacity once the semester is over (to keep me sane as I study for the NCLEX). I have been reading when I have a moment to spare–and indeed I started off 2021 reading a bit more than I had towards the end of 2020 (which was madness personified, I tell you). I just hope I’ve remembered enough from the books I’ve read to type up some decent reviews (you’d think I’d made proper notes with all these notebooks I have. But nope, lol. We’re going to whing this, hahaha).

Until the next post, stay safe and if you’re over at Instagram, drop me a line 🙂

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  1. Hallo, Hallo Lianne!

    I’ve been going through some major lift shifts and transitions myself – for starters, I was barely online for the month of February despite winging it a bit with my blog and maintaining the scheduled posts I had scheduled – though how they managed to get written is a wonderment to me as I didn’t have a lot of free time in February due to all the changes happening ‘behind the blog’ so to speak. This March, I’m starting to find better balance — the main change is that I’m working full-time now – more than 40 less than 50 hrs per week and I had to sort out which days I could have ‘off’ as otherwise I think the fatigue that has been stacking against me would’ve continued indefinitely. Plus, Mum retired out of home health and is also in a different field now as well. To say she burnt out is putting it mildly.

    Outside of that – I feel as you do – reading is something I’ve always enjoyed but I just haven’t had the time to devout attention in recent months. I’m not on Insta but I try to keep apprised of your feeds on Twitter and on your blog. Just thankful to know your nearing graduation – you’ve worked so dearly heard for that degree! I’ve been silently cheering you on from afar!!

    Here’s to a wicked good 2021 for us both!!

    PS: I haven’t even had the chance to write-up a proper Sunday Post to recap January or February or even all the lovely changes in my life! One of these days/weeks I shall. Most of my updates lately are tucked into my reviews and/or posts in the top anchour sections to just give some info to my readers and subscribers as I lacked a lot of stamina this past month overall to blog more — I’m sure your readers are as patient as mine and will understand your gaps in communicating.

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