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A priest disobeys church law to track down the vampires who kidnapped his niece.


I remember hearing that this movie was being adapted from a manwha by the same title and thought it was cool that Paul Bettany was headlining the movie (he rarely gets a lead role, I find, which is strange because he’s a good actor). I had no idea what to watch on Netflix one time and ended up choosing this flick, lol.

It was an entertaining movie, lol. Warrior elite sidelined and decommissioned under a rigid hierarchy, I like that the movie did touch a bit on that sense of abandonment after everything they had done and had given up, of the PTSD they suffered after the war, in their sleep. And while this movie was made almost 10 years ago I felt elements of the movie resonated today with the subject of the leaders saying what they want to believe/what they perceived to be reality and not considering what is actually going on outside of their city walls. So I thought that was interesting.

The story itself was otherwise pretty straightforward, the protagonist (just called “Priest”) learns that his brother and his family was attacked by vampires in the outpost region and his niece was taken hostage. You learn over the course of the movie the toll the Priest took to do what he did and what he gave up (and a little twist that you kinda figure out as you go along). Some characters were pretty much caricatures, like the hot shot sheriff Hicks who joins Priest in search for his niece. I expected more from Karl Urban’s character, his villain seemed straight forward, his mission not wholly clear until the end.

Overall I enjoyed Priest for what it was, I was entertained for the hour something that I watched it, lol.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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