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By: Sándor Márai
Format/Source: Paperback; my purchase

A castle at the foot of the Carpathian mountains in the 1930s. Two men, inseparable in their youth, meet for the first time in forty-one years. They have spent their lives waiting for this moment.

Four decades earlier a murky, traumatic event – something to do with a betrayal, and a woman – led to their sudden separation. Now, as their lives draw to a close, the devastating truth about that moment will be revealed.

Embers is a masterpiece – an unforgettable story of passion, fidelity, truth and deception.

I’ve mentioned this in the past but I tend to buy books while I’m on holiday, local/national authors from the country I’m visiting. I picked up this book whilst in Budapest; it has long been on my wish-to-read radar anyway, but it was perfect picking this book up in Hungary 🙂 If I remember correctly I started reading this book on the travel back home, lol.

Embers was such a fascinating read about friendships, the bonds that bind, and what can tear them apart. In a way I wish I had encountered this book earlier as I struggled with these questions in recent years. The book was also a fascinating contrast of a dying world order as a result of World War One–sort of forgot this at times because the General’s home is so secluded.

Omg, the General went on and on at one point, lol–I felt bad for him, not his fault he is the way that he is, he isn’t as sensitive as Konrad and Kristina–but he is thoughtful in his own way. The book is very much told from the General’s perspective: Konrad didn’t speak much or offer much insight as to what happened from his perspective which made me wonder why he came back to begin with. He could have gone back to Hungary without seeing Henrik, but he did. It’s interesting, the dialogue had a lot to dissect and think about. Running with this thought I would say closure plays a major role in this story.

Overall Embers was a fascinating novel with a lot of themes. I reckon I’ll be re-reading it again sometime in the near future but in the meantime, yeah, I highly recommend it 🙂

Rating: ★★★★☆

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  1. I read this with a book group at least 10 years ago, probably more, so the details are fuzzy — but I do remember loving the writing and how great the discussion was! Really nice review, and thanks for reminding me of a great read from my past.

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