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House of M
By: Brian Michael Bendis (Writer), Olivier Coipel (Penciler), Sergio Miranda (Translator), Tim Townsend (Inker), Rick Magyar (Inker), Fernando Lopes (Translator), John Dell (Inker), Scott Hanna (Inker), Frank D’Armata (Colourist), Chris Eliopoulos (Letterer)
Format/Source: Paperback; my purchase

The Marvel event of the decade is here! The Avengers and the X-Men are faced with a common foe that becomes their greatest threat: Wanda Maximoff! The Scarlet Witch is out of control, and the fate of the entire world is in her hands. Will Magneto help his daughter or use her powers to his own benefit? Starring the Astonishing X-Men and the New Avengers! You know how sometimes you hear the phrase: and nothing will ever be the same again? Well, this time believe it, buster! Nothing will ever be the same again!

Collects: House of M #1-8.

I had been curious to check out this story as I heard good things about it and it’s a major event in the Marvel comic universe. Plus, when I heard that Wanda was going to have her own show on Disney+ and they hinted that it was going to be crazy fun but also really sad, I thought of this comic (and secretly wish it will follow this storyline to some extent because it logically makes sense given where she was left at at the end of Endgame).

After I finished reading this, I was just…wow. I really hope WandaVision follows some story threads from here because this story was eerie and heartbreaking and just so sad. At the heart of the story is really the focus on Wanda: she has one fo the strongest powers in the comic universe and she’s been through so much trauma, it’s no wonder she had a nervous breakdown and her powers went out of whack with it (see: what happened to Xavier in Logan). If this happens in the tv show it’s going to be even sadder because Pietro isn’t even there in the cinematic universe. Here in the comics Pietro is just as damaged and we see that over the course of the comic. The comic also does a wonderful job in portraying where these characters were coming from and the sad circumstances they find themselves in; one minute I was actually pretty sad for Magneto and the dilemma he found himself in, and the next minute I was just…he continues to be the worst.

It was really interesting to see what the lives of the Avengers and X-Men would be like without their powers. Also, could someone explain to me why it’s always Wolverine who ends up as the only one who sees what’s actually going on and is ahead of the curb from the other heroes? This isn’t the first comic where he takes the spotlight and it’s a bit fatiguing after a while.

But overall I really enjoyed reading this comic, it was interesting and eventful with plenty of character insight and drama. Again, I really hope WandaVision follows some story threads from here (and I can see why Doctor Strange is said to connect to that show and his second movie installment). Either way, I highly recommend this comic (the art was great, I should add).

Rating: ★★★★★

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