September Updates

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And here we are at the end of September (*cue the Green Day song*) and this post is coming a bit late today (for some reason I thought I had already typed and scheduled it, but I guess I was wrong). Anyway things are picking up on my end again as I’m back at uni for another semester. Work’s busy as always. And of course I’m trying to squeeze time to see people, catch up on important adult stuff, write, and read (and failing miserably on the last two). So here’s what has been going on at the blog in the meantime:


  1. Books reviewed this month include Emily A. Duncan’s Wicked Saints (review), Okiyan Braithwaite’s My Sister, the Serial Killer (review), and Amal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone’s This is How You Lose the Time War (review). You can check out all the books I’ve reviewed recently in the book review tag.
  2. I sadly was not able to get around to my summer reading wrap-up list this year. Sign of the times, lol :3
  3. Friendly reminder that my latest poetry collection, Scrawled Stars, is available online now (, the Book Depository, and elsewhere)! You can learn more about it in this post. Stay tuned to my Instagram account and this space as I have an announcement coming up about my poetry books. Cheers!


And that’s about it about the blog for this month. Bit of a busy week for me as October rolls in but yeah, Happy October everyone 🙂


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