Travel: My Time in Frankfurt

Posted 28 August, 2019 by Lianne in Travel / 0 Comments

So, I’m insanely behind in my travel posts–backlogged from last year’s travels! So I’m dedicating this month to catching up and posting about my travels, bit by bit.

Okay, technically this isn’t part of our trip per se; it was just that our layover in Frankfurt was over a day long so we treated it as sort of the last leg of our journey. So we arrived at Frankfurt in the late afternoon/early evening. Settled in our hotel without difficulty and then went off to find some proper German food in pub somewhere (we eventually found it, lol; all of those were taken by phone, not by DSLR). So the following photos were taken in the morning; we got up early in order to wander to the old town for a bit before heading back to the airport.

You can click on the images to enlarge and read the caption:

And that was it, the last leg of our journey before travelling back across the pond home ;_; I think we covered all the sites we wanted to see in Frankfurt that I don’t think I’d circle the city again should I ever come this way but if anything it’s definitely left me with a greater need to return and finish exploring Germany one of these days.

So that was my latest trip to Europe! Of course I’ll be coming back sometime next year but plans are still early and everywhere as everyone has different ideas on what to do next year. So we shall see.


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