Travel: My Time in Iceland (Part 2)

Posted 26 August, 2019 by Lianne in Travel / 1 Comment

So, I’m insanely behind in my travel posts–backlogged from last year’s travels! So I’m dedicating this month to catching up and posting about my travels, bit by bit.

All right, I separated the last day of our time in Iceland because Snaefellsnes is a large region and I took a lot of photos. Again, this was a region I had been to last time but it’s so different from South Iceland and honestly I don’t mind revisiting certain areas 🙂 Plus, as mentioned, this was my brother’s first time visiting Iceland.

You can click on the images to enlarge and read the caption:

Snaefellsnes Peninsula

And that was our time in Iceland! I got to see more this time around, appreciate and soak in the sights since for the most part the weather actually held. I also learned a lot as our tour guides both days were very knowledgeable about their country and ready to share their knowledge. It’s alway a joy to visit Iceland; I hope next time I visit that I can travel north and east.

Anyway, onward to our final destination!


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