Travel: My Time in the Netherlands (Part 1)

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So, I’m insanely behind in my travel posts–backlogged from last year’s travels! So I’m dedicating this month to catching up and posting about my travels, bit by bit.

Okay, so now that I finally caught up with my 2018 travels, I can focus on my travels from earlier this year šŸ™‚ So at the end of April after my exams I travelled to Europe with my brother, who had just finished his programme. We were in Europe for about two weeks in the first bit of May, which was nice, travelling to over four different countries over that course. So first up was the Netherlands. Its long been on the bucket list so I’m happy to have finally gone; even got a direct flight so I was especially excited to get an Amsterdam stamp on my passport šŸ™‚

You can click on the images to enlarge and read the caption:


I think it goes without saying that we stayed primarily in Amsterdam. Yeah, it was expensive–I did think about us staying in Rotterdam where it was cheaper–but Amsterdam is just such a central hub, how could I not stay here?


Our first day trip was hopping onto a train to Utrecht. Absolutely loved the vibe of Utrecht: it has all the charms and loveliness of the canals and Dutch life but certainly less crowded. Yeah, sure, it rained for like a chunk of the day, but whatever, it was still a lovely day trip. And I got to meet up with Trynstje from so that was a plus! šŸ™‚

The photos at this point ended in my DSLR as it was raining profusely in Utrecht and whatever photos I took afterwards were primarily on my phone. But yeah so that was the first half of our time in the Netherlands. Was having a grand time, eating lots of yummy food along the way (yeah, might’ve overblown the budget a bit on food, but it was worth it).


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