Travel: My Time in Portugal (2018; Part 2)

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So, I’m insanely behind in my travel posts–backlogged from last year’s travels! So I’m dedicating this month to catching up and posting about my travels, bit by bit.

Alrighty, here we are, second half of my time in Portugal 🙂 After our weekend at Fatima we travelled by bus to Lisbon. I guess I should mention at this point that our trip had been pretty relaxed in that while we had an itinerary list of things we wanted to see, sometimes we just wandered around and happened upon stuff lol. Oh, and of course ALL THE FOOD. lol.

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So here we are, Lisbon. It’s interesting how different Lisbon feels from Porto, the vibe was different, but also culinary-wise there are some major differences. And of course Lisbon is just so much busier. We sort of wandered around here in spurts: we had a full day, then wandered a bit more after both our day trips.


Man, it was so gloomy when we took our day trip to Sintra to visit the palaces. But it gave a bit of a mysterious ambiance to an otherwise eclectic place lol. The bus ride from the station to Pena palace was, err, quite the experience. And yes, very wet and very cold.

Cabo Da Roca

Last day of our trip *tear* The plan was to take it easy so last on the itinerary was visiting Cabo da Roca, otherwise known as the most westernmost point of continental Europe. It was really cool, you can even pick up a certificate saying you indeed were at the edge of Europe 🙂 Anyway I think this was the highlight for me, even as it rained at the end.

And that was the remainder of our trip in Portugal! We were there for almost two weeks and just had a lovely time seeing the sites and scenery. Yeah, the weather was a little chillier than we anticipated but I didn’t mind, in some cases it just added to the experience. It’s a beautiful country with a lot of history, lots of yummy food, and the people were just wonderful. Portuguese is still something else for me (brain is just stuck on Italian, I guess) but I wouldn’t mind coming back here to relax again, it was just peaceful.


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  1. Sounds like a great trip! I do like the idea of visiting a foggy Sintra, haha. I was lucky that I had a friend in Lisbon who was able to drive us out there. I understand that type of stress that can come with taking a highway bus in a different country…

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