Travel: My Time in Portugal (2018; Part 1)

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So, I’m insanely behind in my travel posts–backlogged from last year’s travels! So I’m dedicating this month to catching up and posting about my travels, bit by bit.

So I’m starting my travel catch-up with my 2018 trip to Portugal. I travelled there with my dad at the end of May/start of June; it was our first time visiting the country for the both of us and was decided upon after a lot of brainstorming of potential destinations. It was actually a weird time that we travelled there; someone living in Portugal actually told me that we visited at a time when they were experiencing some freakishly weird weather equivalent to their winter, lol. It was fascinating, and perhaps we were a touch underdressed for it, but otherwise I didn’t mind it so much. Just wished it was more sunny, lol, I didn’t don my sunglasses nearly as often as I would have liked lol.

Anyway, so we started in Porto, travelled to Fatima, and ended our trip in Lisbon. This post will cover the first three stops on our trip: Porto, Braga, and Fatima 🙂

You can click on the images to enlarge and read the caption:


So we had some difficulties en route to Porto including a turn-around 30 minutes out of Montreal because of a mechanical issue O_O Good times. Anyway we eventually arrived in Porto but it was much later than anticipated so we couldn’t do much until the following day.


Our only day tour while we were in Porto was to Braga. I wanted to go here because I wanted to see the Bom Jesus do Monte which looks amazing in the photos. So off we went, lol.


We left Porto for Fatima on the weekend; made sense so we can have Mass there and stuff. There’s no major or extensive train routes in Portugal compared to places like Italy or Spain so we took the bus to Fatima. I’m usually a little more apprehensive taking buses–I just like trains more, I guess–but it wasn’t so bad.

And that was the first half of our time in Portugal! Whew, lots of sites to soak in, lots of history, lots of food eaten (not pictured here; it’s somewhere in my Instagram). Next stop: Lisbon!


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