Scrawled Stars ā€” My Fourth Poetry Collection!

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Hello! Meet my fourth poetry collection, Scrawled Stars. It was formally released at the start of July when I received the proof copy and everything was clear to go šŸ™‚

A bit of a story about this collection–or maybe not–but this was actually supposed to have been released last year with my last collection, With Quiet Ardency (see post). But last year was all kinds of a mess so I never got around to compiling anything. So the collection of poems featured here were written around…2017? 2018? thereabouts. Unlike the last collection, which was very thematic, this one is just a general collection of thoughts and feelings and themes (though you may suspect a trend later on as there is a group of poems that are friendship-related; it was a bad time then).

Scrawled Stars should be out on all book retailers soon (end of the month, maybe?) but in the meantime you can definitely pick up a copy via at the following link: Scralwed Stars šŸ™‚

Meanwhile, here’s a snippet of what to expect in this collection (from what I posted so far on my poetry account, @shallibeapoetinstead):

So yeah, there you have it, my fourth baby is out in the world. I will host a giveaway sometime (as soon as I order a bulk batch of the book, haha), but in the meantime I hope you enjoy it should you pick up a copy šŸ™‚ And until then, gotta start working on the next collection (I have a lot of material, can you believe it?) šŸ˜‰

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