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Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.


All right, finally got around to watching Captain Marvel! Like many, I wasn’t very familiar with her backstory until I heard that a movie was being made about her. So in between I did manage to read a comic about her and other adventures with the Avengers featuring her so by the time I watched this, I had a good idea of who the character was. May contain some SPOILERS ahead!

I enjoyed this movie, it was interesting in exploring the more galactic side of the MCU that was introduced with the Guardians of the Galaxy (makes me want to revisit the first movie again to see what was going on again with the Kree and whatnot). The movie left me wanting more though, which maybe the second Captain Marvel movie will feature: wanted to see more of the Kree empire and the Supreme Intelligence, did the Skrulls find a new home planet, I wanted more Ronan!!! (I forgot he was in this movie, and then we only got a cameo ;_; The Accusers are creepy and fascinating as heck, they need more screentime/a comic of their own)

Yeah, I figured out some of the beats to this movie and worked through why Carol ended up with the Kree/with her powers, but it wasn’t any less enjoyable. Having a superhero with amnesia of her past life was something different, the confusion as to who she is and what is real, who is telling the truth (ahh, this war makes things so much more confusing)…There were some really cool cinematography moments, but there were also some cuts and switches that made the movie feel a little clunky at times: for example, there was a weird moment where it switched to steady cam which was very noticeable and took me out of the experience. And a lot of blackouts…was that a 90s thing? lol I don’t remember. But even with the character switch-arounds it felt like a sharp 180: Talos went from uber-menacing to comic relief in a switch; I mean, I grew empathic towards him after he explained his side of the story and the war and grew to care for his survival in the story but the turnaround left me spinning. The nostalgia was great though: 90s music (love!!!), the design of the cars, the brick cell phones, Blockbuster…

Brie Larson was great as Carol Danvers; I still hold Katee Sackhoff in my head as Carol Danvers, but Brie was still pretty cool. It was exciting to see who Annett Benning was playing in this movie, and Jude Law was also pretty fantastic (we’re going to see him again, right? Right?!). Samuel L. Jackson is always fun to watch, it was interesting to see what a younger Fury was like: less grim, less serious, lmao at his love of cats. I would be curious to explore more movies/tv shows/whatever as to what other things happened between here and Iron Man 1 that made him the grim director of S.H.I.E.L.D we know him as. Ben Mendelsohn stole the show for me, from menacing antagonist to…God, he was funny! My favourite lines from this movie actually came from him:

Maria Rambeau: You call me ‘young lady’ again, I’ll shove my foot up somewhere it’s not supposed to be.


Talos: Am I supposed to guess where that is?

Nick Fury & Carol Danvers: Your ass!

lololololol to infinity

Overall I enjoyed watching Captain Marvel. There were a few continuity errors, but I guess that’s bound to happen given there’s been how many MCU movies at this point. There’s so many ways that the next Captain Marvel movie can take, I can’t wait for her next movie. Meanwhile…Has Goose been with Fury ever since (judging also by the second post-credits scene)?

Rating: ★★★★☆

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