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Posted 25 June, 2019 by Lianne in Meme / 21 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish. In Jaunary 2018 the meme was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic: Books On My Summer 2019 TBR

I have no idea what my summer is shaping up to be given up irregular I’ve been reading lately. But let’s see, here’s some books I’m hoping to get around to reading this summer 🙂

  1. The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer — Pretty sure this book was on my TBR last summer. Fingers crossed I get around to it this year.
  2. Fire Dance by Ilana C. Myer — I loved her first book and I picked up her second book last year, I believe; quite by chance too as I didn’t know it was released then. Anyway, perhaps I’ll get around to reading it this summer.
  3. A Desperate Fortune by Susanna Kearsley — I have two of her books on my TBR pile and seeing as I tend to read her books around the summer time, I guess now is the perfect time to catch up 🙂
  4. The Witches of St. Petersburg by Imogen Edwards-Jones — Imperial Russian era, witches, Russia…Yeah, count me in!
  5. Provenance by Ann Leckie — For a bit of science fiction on the list, I have this book sitting on my TBR pile. For the most part I’ve enjoyed Ann Leckie’s works so far and the premise of this book sounds fascinating.
  6. A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving — I feel it in my bones, this is the year that I finally read this book, lol. I’ve set it on my seasonal TBR lists enough times…
  7. The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare — For something lighter, here’s a historical romance I’ve been eyeing for some time…
  8. Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan — Been curious about this book since I first heard of it. Helps that the book cover is ace 🙂
  9. The Black Widow by Daniel Silva — I actually have four of his books on my TBR pile. I usually read his books during the summer but the reason I held off for the last few years was that I was hoping to re-read his Gabriel Allon books from the start again…A feat considering there’s over 12 books in the series now! But I still hope 🙂
  10. Re-read something — I’m not sure what I’m going to re-read from my shelves, but re-read I will 🙂

And that’s my list of books that I hope to tackle this summer 🙂 What are you hoping to read this season? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


21 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays”

  1. Great list! I got Wicked Saints on an Owlcrate box and OMG what a beautiful book! I want to read it soon as well. I’m curious to know what you will end up re-reading. Hope you love all of these!

  2. Lianne, HEY!! *Waves*

    I’ve seen SO much hype surrounding “Wicked Saints,” but other than recognizing its cover art/title, I don’t know much about it. Makes me think I need to read up on what the hype is all about. Happy summer reading; hope you enjoy ALL of these. 🙂

  3. I agree about Wicked Saints. I’ve been interested since I first heard about it. And the Kearsley books sound pretty good too.

  4. I love reading these even when I’m not participating (I just published another author interview on my blog instead). You might want to take a look – Jane Davis is an amazing author!

  5. The Duchess Deal is amazing – so entertaining and lovely, I just love Tessa Dare so much, and can’t wait for the third installment to the series. Susanna Kearsley has been on my to-read list FOR SO LONG, but I still haven’t gotten to any of her books, hopefully this summer, though. Hope you’ll love all these novels, and get to reread something. 🙂

    My TTT

  6. I’ve had the same problem lately with not reading as many books. So I’ve been mostly reading manga and graphic novels so that I’m still at least reading something. But summertime is a great time to get back into the swing of reading. Sitting outside in the sun with a good book. Hope you get around to reading these and have a great summer 🙂

  7. Great list! The cover for Fire and Dance looks gorgeous. I haven’t heard of a lot of these, so I’ll definitely have to check them out and see what I can add to my TBR lol I’m also quite excited to read Wicked Saints–sounds so good 🙂 Happy reading!

  8. Hallo, Hallo Lianne!

    I know you’ve been winking back into action on your lovely blog – this year, I’m just thankful I could keep my blog surfacing and alive; its been unique! Somewhere between Wyrd and Wonder and June, I’ve been able to start visiting everyone again — I found my own rhythm and I’m loving it. Still working out the kinks though of routing through everywhere I want to go – so its taking me a bit longer to arrive here as I’m still sorting out my feeds, etc.

    Today, I released my first TTT post in over a year… though there is another one from last year still in Drafts focusing on HistFic which I hope to dust off before December! lol I wanted to talk about why I’m focusing on #MyYASummer, but I also talk about Fantasy reads and #IronThomAThon readathon in July… plus my love of INSPY (and the main readathon I was joining for July)…. just a lovely post where I felt *finally!* those 5x migraines from May have left me and I can move forward.

    This week started off on a sour note (see tweet at bottom of my TTT) but its turning round… slowly.

    From your list…

    * The Interestings – know I’ve seen it floating about… can’t remember if I wanted to read it though?
    * I am hoping to begin journeying into Kearsleys novels this year… I must, I’ve put it off for so long!
    * Same goes for Tessa Dare! (shocking, I know!)
    * Fire Dance – the cover looks familar and almost like one I pegged myself to be reading, too?

    Sounds like we’re both having an awesome Summer! I do have a few re-reads of my own – in order to read Impossible – I need to back-read the first two in the series; for Lemorian Crest, I need to re-read Uncovering Cobbogoth and thankfully I still remember the first History Mystery novel or I’d have to re-read that one too! Oyyy.

    Speaking of things… finally getting into A Turn of Light, as a prequel of reading Gossamer Mage!

    Glad you’re enjoying blogging again!

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