Review: Death on the Nile

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Death on the Nile (Hercule Poroit #17)
By: Agatha Christie
Format/Source: eBook; my purchase

Linnet Ridgeway and Simon Doyle are being stalked by Simon’s furious ex, Jackie. So hell bent on taking revenge for the way sheís been treated she follows them on their honeymoon to Egypt, aboard a steam cruiser travelling along the Nile. They are however not the only holidaymakers aboard the vessel, a certain Hercule Poirot attempts a relaxing cruise, only to be drawn into the threesome’s feud when Linnet Ridgeway is found dead – shot while she was asleep.

While I still haven’t made so much of a dent into Agatha Christie’s extensive bibliography, I’m always in for a thrilling time whenever I do pick up one of her books. So far her books have kept me intrigued from start to finish, following the clues and getting to know the characters along the way and how their motivations may or may not contribute to the mystery. I read this book before I left on holiday; I’ve often seen it ranked pretty high up in her list of books, but I also heard it’s to be adapted to a movie again so here we go…

What always really strikes me about Agatha Christie’s novels, particularly in series like Hercule Poroit, is how she takes the time to develop and establish her characters involved in the mystery. In the case of this novel, several chapters at the start of this novel are devoted to the main characters central to the mystery, Linnet and Simon and their immediate associates. Poroit doesn’t even enter the story until maybe a quarter into the novel when the cast of characters arrive on the steam cruiser.

(On a side note, what is up with Poroit travelling and always ending up in the middle of a mystery in need of an investigation? The man cannot catch a break)

Establishing these characters really help frame the mystery and navigating the web of alibis and motivations. I really felt bad for Linnet through it all; despite snagging Simon away from her friend, she is quite the independent character with a level head. She was surrounded by people who envied her and her money, who had possible motivation to harm her or turn on her. It was quite sad.

As always it was a ride following Poroit try to piece the mystery together and figure out who did it, what exactly happened. Was I right? Partly; it was a bit more complex than I realized, which is always a great realization along the way.

So yeah, another winner mystery read from Agatha Christie! I should watch the series at some point…and read the rest of the books as well. Slowly but surely 😉

Rating: ★★★★☆

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