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The Armored Saint (The Sacred Throne #1)
By: Myke Cole
Format/Source: eBook; from’s eBook Club

In a world where any act of magic could open a portal to hell, the Order insures that no wizard will live to summon devils, and will kill as many innocent people as they must to prevent that greater horror. After witnessing a horrendous slaughter, the village girl Heloise opposes the Order, and risks bringing their wrath down on herself, her family, and her village.

This is annoying but I could’ve sworn I had already typed up a review for this book and had scheduled it on my blog but it seems I had deleted my draft instead before it got there #fail Let’s see if I recall much of what I had thought about it (as I read this book before I went on holiday and never wrote anything about it in my reading notebook (another #fail))

I’ve seen this book around for a very long time but never really gotten around to picking it up until it was featured in’s eBook Club. So here we are 🙂

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this story. It’s a grim world filld with danger and tyranny from the Order who is controlling society and clamping down on magic to prevent demons from entering the world. This was initially a questionable premise for me on the part of the Order, a form of social control, but as the story progressed I can see some justification to what they were upholding and it wasn’t just merely an issue of power and control. But it was pretty eerie how the author presented this world, you can really feel the danger as you follow Heloise and her loved ones as they navigate dealing with the Order and the other dangers that they face. The magic was interesting and dangerous, and the mecca technology was pretty cool.

It was interesting to read about Heloise and her friends and family, the journey she takes from being the dutiful daughter with an inquisitive streak to full-out facing the Order head-on. She was an interesting character who clearly was still growing up, exploring who she is as a person, and who is strait-jacketed by the norms and rules of their society and specifically from the Order and their terror. I was drawn to their characters from the get-go, and greatly concerned for their well-being.

That’s all I can really remember from my previous type-up about this book. I really enjoyed reading The Armored Saint; for a novella it ran at a great pace and the storytelling didn’t feel lacking. I would say I would check out the remainder of the series at some point and find out what happens to Heloise and her loved ones next in her struggles against the Order.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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