Tolkien Reading Day!

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Launched in 2003 Tolkien Reading Day event has sparked interest in reading and reading groups across several nations and ages, from primary schoolchildren to university students and library users of all ages. 25th March has significance to Tolkien’s readers, as it is the day of the Downfall of Sauron at the conclusion of the ‘War of the Ring’ in The Lord of the Rings.

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According to the Tolkien Society, the theme this year is ‘Tolkien and the mysterious.

Happy Tolkien Reading Day! This is a curious topic for this year…The world that Tolkien envisioned is certainly one full of wonder and mystery. From the creation of the world and Edu’s plan to the roles of the Valar and the Maiar, the disappearance of the Ent-wives, what lies beyond the veil and the bonds of the world, the Elves’ departure from Middle Earth to the West…Even the way in which certain characters’ paths meet and end up with he task that is given to them is a mystery in a way. The fellowship encountering the Argonath, monuments from a past age, is a passage filled with awe, majesty, and mystery of the past.

What do you think about this year’s theme? How will you be celebrating Tolkien Reading Day? Last year I mentioned wanting to re-read LOTR and indeed cracked open The Fellowship of the Ring but I’ve been so busy and I’m swamped right now with project and essay deadlines so I might read something smaller…like Bilbo’s Song, lol #stillcounts 🙂


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