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Justice League: A League of One
By: Christopher Moeller
Format/Source: Paperback; my brother’s purchase

An ancient evil awakens, one so long forgotten by the modern world that even the Justice League of America is unprepared to meet it. When a prophecy foretells their deaths at the claws of the last dragon on Earth, Wonder Woman must tear apart the League she loves in order to save them. But will that be enough to thwart fate?

A shipwrecked alien on the JLA Watchtower lands the Justice League in the middle of a generations-long war between two civilizations. But the motives of both sides are shrouded in secrets, and when the League attempts to learn the truth, they instead uncover a danger that threatens to unmake reality itself!

Written and painted by master storyteller and artist CHRISTOPHER MOELLER, JLA: A LEAGUE OF ONE and JLA CLASSIFIED: COLD STEEL—collected together for the first time—reveal never-before-seen sides of the legendary Justice League of America, all presented in Moeller’s extraordinary artwork.

My brother bought this volume a while ago and was telling me for ages to read it. So here I am, reading it 😛

A comic focusing on Wonder Woman is always good, even if the title of the comic is Justice League. The first story especially was focused on Wonder Woman as she’s presented with a scenario that could lead to the end, the deaths of her fellow Justice League colleagues. The art is gorgeous, I should say, and you can really see how this decision that Wonder Woman makes is a difficult one. The way she carries herself and weighs her decision…It really hammers home how people make the argument how the heroes in the DC universe are really like gods among men, you know? The discipline, the focus, the sense of sacrifice she has…And then to take out her fellow colleagues and friends one by one…Okay, I admit, I found Batman to be a bit of a douche here, reminded me of Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman in the recent films (the clips I’ve seen anyway), and I got some shippery vibes between Superman and Wonder Woman here but yeah, I enjoyed the story and the badass-ness of Wonder Woman herself.

The second story about a war between two alien civilisations and the Justice League being drawn to it was okay, but obviously not as epic as the first story. Definitely more space opera as the reader is drawn to the history, politics, the war of these two civilisations and how one side is coping with their losses. The Justice League play a larger role in this story (although I felt that Aquaman was fully aware he was a bit out of his depth here, poor guy) and yeah, all in all it was interesting, but I preferred the first story more.

All in all, Justice League: A League of One was a good volume, the artwork is gorgeous and the stories were entertaining.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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