With Quiet Ardency β€” My Third Poetry Collection!

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So this post is a long time coming, lol…Meet my third poetry collection, With Quiet Ardency. You could say I’ve been working on this collection for some two years, and one of the reasons why I didn’t finish it sooner (other than work and school constantly getting in the way, fml) is because, if I’m being 100% honest with you, I had a hard time letting it go into the world. As you may suppose, this poetry collection’s theme is love, and there is a personal story behind it that I won’t go into details πŸ˜› Suffice to say, it took a bit of time before I was brave enough to just put the finishing touches to this book and send it off to Lulu.com xD

Anyway, it should be out on all book retailers soon but in the meantime you can definitely pick up a copy via Lulu.com at the following link: With Quiet Ardency πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, here’s a snippet of what to expect in this collection (from what I posted so far on my poetry account, @shallibeapoetinstead):

More to come, of course…For example, I will be hosting a sale on Lulu.com for both Shall I Be a Poet Instead? and With Quiet Ardency next month (as it’s my birthday month, lol) πŸ™‚ And giveaways soon enough (if I didn’t start already by the time this post goes live ;)). So there you have it, my third baby out there in the world, lol.

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