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This contemporary romantic comedy, based on a global bestseller, follows native New Yorker Rachel Chu to Singapore to meet her boyfriend’s family.


Okay, so I’m usually pretty slow in watching movies that are just released and whatnot, but I just had to see this movie (and so did my mum–so it became a family event). I still remembered much of the basic plot of this story from the book (review) so I was curious to see how they adapted it.

And oh man did I enjoy this movie. It really encapsulated much of the glitzy, crazy, filthy rich that oozed from the story: the designer outfits, the jewelry, the lavish parties, everything. It was ridiculous, yo.

But the heart of the movie was there: of Western Asians born/raised in North America clashing with East Asians values, of immigration, sacrifices, and priorities, of mothers and their children, of the challenges faced in any relationship. The complicated relationship within the Young family was well-translated in the big screen, the nuances apparent in Michelle Yeoh’s performance (brilliant, even as I was pissed at how she antagonised Rachel). Of course, dynamics are far more complicated in the book but the movie did a good job in keeping track of everyone and who’s related to who and whatnot.

And it was funny; there were a lot of great lines here and there 🙂 The cast was great in their respective roles. As I mentioned earlier, Michelle Yeoh was brilliant as Nick’s mother. In the book I hated the character, but Michelle Yeoh added that depth that made her character sympathetic despite of her antagonism. And she looked great in all those outfits! Awkwafina stole the show with her performance as Peik Lin Goh, she was fantastic. Nico Santos as cousin Oliver was a standout, and omg Henry Golding was perfect as Nick: suave, cool, and his voice!!! Kinda died whenever he was on screen, I thought he was pretty great considering this was his first acting role (the earnestness he brought to the character helped enhance the character, I think), and I think he might go far (I thought he was adorable in that second-last scene on the plane with the comedic timing). And of course Constance Wu really carried the heart of the story as she navigated Singapore’s high society with her outsider perspective and the challenges she had to face. Oh yeah, I also liked that they bumped up Astrid’s storyline; Astrid is one of my favourite characters–if not my favourite character–in the series and I whooped for joy for her at the end. She deserves so much more.

Also, I’m kinda in love with Katherine Ho’s cover of “Yellow.” It’s on repeat right now lol:

This review is pretty ramble-y and all over the place but suffice to say I enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians (so did my family, lol). If there’s only one complaint I had about the movie, it’s just that there weren’t enough “Ai-yah!” expressions going on, lmao (one of my favourite parts of the book, really, lol). I can’t wait for the second book to be adapted; in the meantime I need to get on reading the third book, lol.

Rating: ★★★★★


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  1. Hallo, Hallo Lianne!!

    Ooh, my dear sweet stars!!! 🙂 I LOVED this film review – *because!* you were gushing & giving your wicked #awesomesauce reactions as you had *lived!* the film whilst seeing it on the big screen! I think those make the best film reviews to be honest as they show your wicked insight & enthused JOY over seeing the story come alive on the screen!?

    I heard about this film / novel and I wasn’t as sure about it as I am now!? I somehow managed to get the ENTIRE wrong impression of what this entailed til now!! (*le sigh*) Ergo, as you move into the third novel, I’m going to make my way into the first!! I look forward to borrowing this film from my local library after I’ve had the joyful pleasure of reading it!! It’s been away since I’ve read a story set in Singapore as I loved Aunty Lee’s Mysteries!!

    I’ll round back to your review as I start to make progress & update you on my own reactions to the film! #Blessed you wrote about this and hope it won’t be long til I can experience it all as well!

    Side note: I personally have loved watching Michele Yeoh since she was in Bond & Under the Tuscan Sun — I’ve missed seeing more of her roles! She is wicked brill!!!

  2. I’m super glad you reviewed this!!! I LOVED the movie, but I haven’t read the book (and had not previously talked to anyone who had read the book! lol). So, hearing that they are so similar makes me happy. I’m with you, the performances were amazing, as was the scenery of the setting. I’m glad they plan on making a sequel! (and yes. I think Henry Golding will go far.) 🙂 🙂

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