Review: Still Water

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Still Water
By: Amy Stuart
Format/Source: eARC courtesy of Touchstone Books

How do you find the truth in a town full of secrets?

Sally Proulx and her young boy have mysteriously disappeared in the stormy town of High River. Clare O’Dey is hired to track them down, hoping against all odds to find them alive. But High River isn’t your typical town.

In a town where secrets are crucial to survival, everyone is hiding something. And the police clearly have an ulterior motive beyond solving the case. Malcolm Boon, who hired Clare, knows more about her than he reveals. Their benefactor, Helen Haines, is concealing a tragic family history of her own. As the truth surges through High River, Clare must face the very thing she has so desperately been running from, even if it comes at a devastating cost. Compulsively gripping and twisty, Still Water is a deep dive of a thriller that will leave you breathless.

I really enjoyed Amy Stuart’s first novel, Still Mine, but did not get around to reading Still Water right away. Many thanks to Touchstone Books for reaching out and offering a galley copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Omg this book. Once again Amy Stuart has written a book that is just so hard to put down once the ball gets rolling. I read this book well into the night, I read this book while on break at work…The mystery was engrossing. Everything is not what it seems from the get-go, the Haines family is clearly dysfunctional with a tragedy deep in their past, not to mention Clare is still dealing with the fallout from the case in the previous book (which I admit, I faintly recall details here and there but you don’t need to know the details to enjoy this book as the book explains the most important bits that affect the events of this book). But more on that later…This case was interesting in that you don’t know amongst this cast of characters who is telling the truth and who is hiding something. It can be pretty creepy in that almost all of these characters seem capable of committing a heinous act, it’s just trying to piece together who had the most to lose and who had the motive to do such a thing.

As I mentioned personal issues surrounding Clare continue to crop up, and in this case threaten to interfere with her investigation. The threat of her ex-husband continues to haunt her psyche, but there’s also the physical threat as she did receive that letter at the end of the last book. Malcolm, the man who hired her, continues to be a mystery, but more revelations–as well as new questions–emerge over the course of the story. I felt for Clare too as new frustrations emerge about her situation (without going into details what these frustrations are) and she’s working through her own past of addiction and trauma and despite trying to do what’s best of her, her situation is still being twisted around by Jason, still being manipulated. You can see why she gets so upset and wants people to just cut the crap, stop lying.

That said, that ending…Ahhhh, I need the third book in my life. Stat!

Overall I really enjoyed Still Water, it’s just as fast-paced and intriguing as the first book (that I remember! lol), raising important issues whilst packing a heck of a mystery and dramatis personae. I highly recommend this book if you’re a fan of mysteries and thrillers.

Rating: ★★★★★

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