eclectic tales is back!

Posted 11 June, 2018 by Lianne in Website / 5 Comments

Well, I’m back. lol.

For almost two weeks I was off on holiday to Portugal with my dad. It’s a beautiful country–I was pleasantly surprised at how rich its forests were! So much green, it was amazing–with lots of history, stories, and food to eat 😛 As the below photos show, we were in Porto and Lisbon, but we also spent the weekend at Fatima, as well as took day trips to Braga, Sintra, and Cabo da Roca. Some of those photos you can see over at Instagram; I’ll get around to posting more about my trip sometime later this time.

Alas that my holiday is over now; back to the grind, now. In the meantime–

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5 Responses to “eclectic tales is back!”

    • Thanks so much! How long ago were you at Portugal? I had a lovely time, have yet to sort through the photos and post about them here but I hope to soon 🙂

  1. Late reply here, but anyway: thanks so much for your card! Really nice that you thought of me. I’m looking forward to a more in depth travel report with pictures!

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