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The Avengers and their allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe.


Squeezing this review post quickly before my hiatus post goes up tomorrow 😉 But yes, I took my whole family to watch this movie (yesterday, actually!) since we’ve watched almost all of the Marvel movies to date (well, except Spider-Man: Homecoming and Black Panther. Need to get a move on those). 10 years in the making, yeah, you can say I was psyched for this movie even though I knew it would be devastating. Suffice to say: Super major massive SPOILERS if you haven’t watched the movie (or are not caught up with the MCU movies to date (more or less))!

My first thought when the movie started? Oh shit.

Okay, so backtrack a bit: I normally wait for these movies to come out on blu-ray but as the internet is dark and full of spoilers and no matter what you do, if you run into so much as a whiff of a hint of a spoiler, it’s easy to figure out what happens next. And I was starting to run into a few vague hints here and there so I decided to check it out sooner in theatres.

But anyway, back to the movie: I heard that the movie started off right after the end of Thor: Ragnarok (review), which was a hell of a downer considering the state that Asgard was left in. I knew Loki was more or less done for, and of course he tries to go out in his fashion but it was still hard to watch, especially after what he and Thor went through in the last movie. Hulk getting beat by Thanos too, and Thanos dispatching Heimdall, really solidified how dangerous Thanos is; poor Hulk was sitting out of this fight! Which, on the other hand, allows Bruce to shine a bit and fight for a change as himself, but on the other hand they could’ve really used the Hulk at times.

The movie pretty much moves at a relentless pace from start to finish. Because we know the characters already, there’s no point in re-introducing them except setting up where everyone else, introducing new character interactions/pair-ups, and in the case of Bruce Banner, catching him up on what happened in Civil War. I had read the writers’ discussion of how they ending up pairing the characters that they did on-screen, and it really worked. I admit, I wasn’t sure why Rocket Raccoon and Groot went with Thor to forge a new hammer, but it totally worked on-screen. And of course teaming up Doctor Strange with Tony Stark–and then add Peter Quill to the mix–was hilarious. Spider-Man adds some youthfulness to the mix, and lmao at Tony complaining at his pop culture references when they’re the group that does nothing but roll out pop culture references all the time xD Captain America is grimmer than before due to all their years on the run, but still out to protect and do the right thing.

And then there was Thanos himself. I’m glad the movie spent some time defining and establishing his character; he’s always been in the backdrop lurking menacingly, and here he is very chilling, the way there’s always this eerie breeze before he appears, the way he’s able to beat down strong characters we know. But it also gives him some screen time establishing why he’s doing what he’s doing. And he’s certainly horrible–look at what he did to Nebula–but then his connection to Gamorra was very interesting, the way he’s so patient with her even after she’s expressed how much she hated everything he’s taught her to be. And it wasn’t until that scene when the Soul stone was revealed that you realise the extent of that care he had for Gamorra. It certainly adds depth, and made that scene very sad.

There was a lot of death/calls for sacrifice of the people one loves: there was also Gamorra asking Peter to kill her if she’s captured by Thanos, and Vision telling Scarlet Witch to destroy the Mind Stone. Actually, I felt really bad for Vision and Scarlet Witch, who were trying to have a relationship only to run out of time with Thanos’ arrival.

One of my favourite highlights of the movie was Thor though. I can see how they tried to keep some of the humour from Thor: Ragnarok intact here despite of the graveness of the situation, but that scene with Rocket Raccoon also highlighted how much Thor has lost at this point. I thought Rocket was going to poke fun at how he kept referring back to Mjollnir but I realise Rocket probably understands the sentiment. But when Thor got Stormbreaker and showed up at Wakanda? I wanted to cheer in the theatre, it was such a bad-ass entry (late as it was). And of course he had the thunder like he did at the end of Thor: Ragnarok.

But yeah, no kidding this movie ended on such a bleak note. Seriously, Thanos gets what he wants and ends up contented in the Philippines? O_o Just like the end of The Infinity Gauntlet (review) which I appreciated, but still, I was like “Hell no!” Definitely a low for our heroes as half the universe’s population is wiped out, as half our heroes: I was surprised that Black Panther was included in the count, I thought one of the original three–likely Captain America–was going to be part of the half, but I was surprised the original Avengers remains intact (well, Hawkeye’s MIA here, so we’ll see when the next movie comes out). It was heartbreaking to see them dissolve to dust–Peter Parker obviously was very sad–not to mention some characters who would be definitely needed in the fight against Thanos (Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange). Bummer.

However! I do believe this is in accordance to what Doctor Strange saw in the 14 000 605 possible outcomes he foresaw using the Time Stone (also elaborated in this video). And with the Time Stone out and about, I reckon it will likely be used in the final battle against Thanos. And that post-credits scene–!!! Need to start brushing up a bit on some characters that haven’t made an appearance yet 😉

For such an ensemble movie, Avengers: Infinity War did a good job in balancing out all of the characters we’ve come to know and love as they face off against Thanos. Needless to say the fight sequences were excellent and the pacing was great; not once was I thinking of the time and whatnot. Devastating as this movie was, and game-changer in a way that it was, I’m looking forward to the next Avengers movie coming out next year as well as the upcoming Marvel movies coming out later this year and next year. In the meantime, gotta brush up on some comics and watch Black Panther and Spider-Man: Homecoming. And maybe revisit all the movies if I’m not too tired lol.

Rating: ★★★★★

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  1. YESSSS Infinity War!! I’ve been obsessed with this movie for the past few weeks and am finally starting to calm down about it, lol. I’m just so impressed at what 10 years of films has culminated in. You def need to get on Black Panther and Spiderman!! Those are great movies on their own, plus I think they help boost appreciation of Infinity War.

    • Agreed, I was very impressed how it all came together in this movie. Right up to the day I went on holiday I was reading up articles about the movie and everyone’s theories on what will go down in the next movie, lol. In the meantime I managed to squeeze in watching Spider-Man Homecoming and Black Panther before I left. Glad I did, they were fantastic too! 🙂

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