Movie: Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

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Thor is imprisoned on the planet Sakaar, and must race against time to return to Asgard and stop Ragnarök, the destruction of his world, which is at the hands of the powerful and ruthless villain Hela.


Yaaaaaaasssss, after months of wanting to watch it I finally did 😛 Major SPOILERS if you haven’t watched the movie!

Oh man, where to begin about this movie? You guys know I loved the previous two Thor movies and that Thor is my favourite comic book superhero–which apparently indicates to weird taste, according to a Looper video, but anyway–so it’s no surprise that I enjoyed this movie. Is it my favourite? Well, I also enjoyed the first movie, but this had everything: adventure, humour, touching moments, and Ragnarok somewhere in the background.

Okay, I guess first up though, would I have wished that Ragnarok was more front and centre in this movie? Yeah, of course, Ragnarok is such a devastating event in Norse mythology, a sort of finality to the ending of everything. And indeed the comics have touched on it (I only read the immediate aftermath, I have yet to read the comics in which Ragnarok does indeed happen). So yeah, the elements with Hela and her role in Ragnarok was very interesting and very epic and I wished there was more of it, but given how everything played out in this movie I just can’t see the aside with Thor ending up on the Grandmaster’s turf not being a part of the journey, and indeed Thor does make a case time and again that he’s just trying to get back to Asgard to stop Hela.

And that part of the story was very weird but also a fascinating opportunity to throw Thor and the Hulk in each other’s company. It sort of carries that theme on from the first Avengers movie of how all of these people are thrown together that you wouldn’t necessarily see as people who would hang out together outside of work per se so seeing him interact with the Hulk–and then with Bruce Banner–was really interesting, lol. And it was interesting how they addressed the Hulk/Banner divided and what it’s like switching from one to the other, about being that person and dealing with the other…It’s interesting and it works considering the amount of time and the amount of material being covered.

But whilst the tone of this movie is different from the first two Thor movies, it really does tie in with the first two in a number of ways. The theme of family continues here, in part because of Thor and Loki’s continuous contentious relationship, and then secondly with Hela thrown in the mix and Odin’s questionable parenting skills. Loki continues to mess things up along the way but the dialogue between the two brothers, and the contrast between the two of them, continues to be interesting and will always be a central theme in the Thor stories. Like the second movie–and indeed the first–they had some really great scenes together, and I loved that last scene, it was brief but yeah, there were feels.

But secondly with Thor’s own personal journey…Kind of reminds me of Iron Man’s in that it was about his own journey as a hero, as a person, about where is power came from. Through the Avengers and the second Thor movie you knew he was starting to come into his own but in this movie it really sort of hammered home (pun intended?) that he does look out for his people, he does try to do the right thing and face is problems head on, and in the end, truly takes on the mantle that his father hoped he’d take, lead his people, truly become his own as the God of Thunder. And it was amazing.

(It helps that “Immigrant Song” played as he kicked major arse)

The cast was brilliant. I wish there was more screentime for Cate Blanchett as Hela and the dynamic there with Thor and Loki. Same goes with Heimdell being awesome as always. Tessa Thompson was great as Valkyrie, and I loved the story arc that Karl Urban’s Skruge had. Taiki Waititi as Korg was hilarious and so unexpected, really. Oh, and Jeff Goldblum was such a weirdo but it worked. If there’s anything that was disappointing, it was how the Warriors Three as handled; the pacing was so fast at the start that yeah, we see them, and then we don’t.

Yeah, I could go on and on about this movie, I suppose, but suffice to say I really enjoyed Thor: Ragnarok! Obviously a different tone and direction from what we’ve come to know and see about the character but it was a good time nonetheless.

Rating: ★★★★★

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