Of Frost and Fury — My Second Poetry Collection!

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So during my hiatus from the blog I had been dealing with work and catching up with school. But what also happened during my hiatus was that my second poetry collection was finalised and released into the world! I present to you Of Frost and Fury: Poems Written in the Land of Volcanoes and Giants 🙂

I’ve been teasing a bit about this since I got back from Iceland and Denmark (especially from Iceland). The idea came to me as I was organising my journals after I had returned from my trip; I had a notebook filled with writings that I had done whilst travelling, mostly poetry, and was thinking about how I was going to incorporate it into my next general collection. I then realised that I actually had enough material to compile a standalone collection.

The idea to present it as a mixed media, incorporating photos I took during the trip, came as I was sifting through my photos from said trip. I’ve long used Blurb in the past and have enjoyed the quality of their publication. I thought it would be cool to include the photos of the scenery I’ve seen, sharing it alongside the lines I wrote. And so this project came to be.

There were setbacks, of course–school kept me from sitting down and editing it thoroughly in one go, then there was details with Blurb (apparently to sell it on Amazon et al I needed to have made the book using Bookwright, a program I do not like, not BookSmart, which I had been using for years). So that was me around November , but after a few takes and back and forth with proofing, I finally finished it earlier this month. I’m still waiting for it to be completely listed as available online–it is listed on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble, but I noticed Amazon.ca has it listed at some ridiculous price and it’s not showing up on AbeBooks and the Book Depository. I’m also not sure how to go about posting it on the Blurb Bookstore directly; it’s weird that there’s no option for there to be both (both on the Blurb Bookstore and on other sites; it made me choose one or the other). Anyway, something to think about in the new year.

Anyway, on to the preview (from what I posted so far on my poetry account, @shallibeapoetinstead):

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And that’s my preview! 😀 More to come, of course…as well as a giveaway on GoodReads (I’m so glad the final copy turned out fine when it did, got to take advantage of using GoodReads’ giveaway service before it changes in January) and here, so keep a lookout for that! Anyway, I’m so excited to be sharing this with everyone 😀

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