Unboxing Notebooks (ShopJot A5 + Hippo Noto)

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I’ve unboxed a few large items recently that I never got around to posting over here: one being a TN (traveller’s notebook)-style leather cover for my larger notebooks and another being my reward for a Kickstarter project that I supported earlier this year. Decided to just combine them into one post for easy viewing 🙂 As always, you can click on the images to enlarge and read what each item is:

ShopJot – A5 Leather Cover

Okay, I’ve given in to the whole TN lifestyle whole-heartedly and to complete my little family of TNs, I bought a leather cover for my larger notebooks. ShotJot is based in Alberta, Canada and she makes a whole array of leather covers, some of inner pockets, some without, lots of different textures and styles. I went with a classic caramel-coloured cover, no pockets. It’s an A5 size so it’s larger than a Moleskine cahier notebook but anyway…

Overall I’m really enjoying this notebook from ShopJot. This is my second order from the shop, actually; the first time I ordered from her I ordered planner charms, which are also made with such great quality. I’m trying to restrain myself from buying another one of these covers (do I really need another?) but I thought her covers are great, the prices reasonable, and for Canadian residents great price for shipping 🙂

Hippo Noto (Kickstarter)

So earlier this year, before I left for my holiday actually, I came across this Kickstarter started by the blogger behind the pen-and-ink blog squishy-ink.com. I was looking into Tomoe River paper products and this came up, which I thought was really cool; you don’t see notebooks floating around that are 500 pages thick of Tomoe River Paper. Tomoe River Paper, I should add, is amazing for fountain pens–thin and lightweight, but the ink doesn’t bleed or feather–and brings out the sheen and shades of the inks that you use. So I had to support the project. Well the final product finally arrived at my mailbox recently, which was pretty exciting:

All in all, I’m glad the final product arrived and I’m looking forward to using it! I think it’s going to be my personal journal for 2018: Tomoe River Paper, 500 pages, good size, lots of fountain pens and inks to use it with…Yes, I am very excited and happy this is finally in my hands 😀


And that’s it for my unboxing this time around! What do you guys think, ever fancied using the TN system? Are you big on particular papers that you use to write? First time hearing about any of this? Let me know, ask me questions, whathaveyou 😛

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