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Something Rotten (Thursday Next #4)
By: Jasper Fforde
Format/Source: Paperback; my purchase

Literary detective Thursday Next is on a mission – and it’s not just a mission to save the planet. If only life were that simple…

Unemployed following an international cheese-smuggling scandal, our favourite cultural crime-fighter is faced with a world of problems: Hamlet’s not attending his conflict resolution classes, President George Formby is facing a coup led by dastardly Yorrick Kaine and, what’s more, the evil Goliath Corportation are refusing to un-eradicate Thursday’s husband, Landen.

Will she ever see Landen again? Is shopping the new religion? Can Thursday prevent Armageddon? And who will babysit her son while she does it?

Join Thursday on her toughest assignment yet, and enter a world where fiction is always much stranger than the truth…

Good thing I had books 3 and 4 sitting on my shelf waiting to be read, makes it easier to just keep following Thursday Next’s adventures 🙂 Just in case, may contain some mild spoilers to the series to date!

There’s a wee bit of a time jump here–okay, perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit here, there’s a two year jump from the last novel because Thursday has already given birth to her son, Friday. She’s still as kick-ass as ever, juggling work (both in the real world and in Book World) and single parenthood as Landen is still eradicated. No kidding the blurb at the back of the book hails this novel as her toughest assignment yet as she’s dealing with a lot in this book, from massive political upheavals and the return of Goliath Corporation in a new branding (but still trying to take over everything) to changes in history and books as we know it. It’s another zany installment, but it definitely has a sense of grandness in that everything she’s done up to this point is finally coming to a head.

Oh, and there’s plenty of Shakespeare and Danish stuff to be had in this book 😛

It continued to be heartbreaking, reading and watching as Thursday dealt with Landen’s eradicated status. Amidst dealing with all these problems and bookish messes, she’s also struggling to find a way to have Landen un-eradicated and I wanted to see her efforts rewarded. After chasing after him for like a book and a bit, I wanted him back in Thursday’s life alive and well. Friday, their son, was very cute too, even if he was speaking in Lorem Ipsum for most of the book, lol. But my favourite scene in the entire book had to be the ending and this one major reveal that was bittersweet but also beautiful and was a perfect ending to her adventures these four books.

I have to say Something Rotten is up there as one of my favourite books in the series…maybe a tie with The Eyre Affair (review), the book that started it all. It’s a culmination of everything Thursday has faced and been through to date–with characters and evens recurring–and amped up in a crazy, timey-whimey, space-time bend. It’s exhilarating and touching and overall pretty satisfying. Perhaps I will continue the series at some point but for now I’m quite contented to stop here as the ending of this book was perfect. Have I recommended this series so far? Because yes, book lovers will certainly enjoy this series and Thursday Next’s adventures 😀

(Did I mention the meta about everything books and reading was on point here (as always)?)

Rating: ★★★★½

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