Review: Heart and Brain: Body Language

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Heart and Brain: Body Language
By: Nick Seluk
Format/Source: Paperback; was a Christmas gift

From the New York Times bestselling creator of the hugely popular Awkward Yeti comics comes the third collection in his Heart and Brain series.

Heart and Brain: Body Language continues the adventures of the loveably conflicted sentimental Heart and rational Brain, as well as other bodily inhabitants like Gallbladder, Muscle, and Tongue.

Warm-hearted and laugh-out-loud funny, these comics bring our inner struggles to vibrant, humorous life.

I only found out a few weeks ago that a new collection from the Heart and Brain series was released so I scrambled to snag a copy for myself 😛 As some of you may have read earlier this year I read the first two books and really enjoyed it. And of course there’s following their Instagram account which is always a delight to read whenever I’m on Instagram 🙂

Heart and Brain: Body Language is another delightful installment in the series, following Heart and Brain and the many ways they differ from each other but also the ways they compliment each other. Like so (this also made me laugh out loud when I read the story panel involving this scene because it’s so true):

But I continue to be amused at how clever each of organs have their own personalities that, if they did have personalities, they would be like that. Bowels makes more of an appearance here, which I appreciate because he’s quite an irritable character (pun intended? 😛 ) but his “gut feeling” is spot on and makes me laugh. Tongue, stomach, and the eyes also make more appearances compared to the last volume, as well as fat, who cracks me up because his behaviour is so true as well (again, if organs had behaviours):

I wish some of the other organs made more appearances this time around, like Gallbladder (he’s so cute) but Spleen is around quite a bit this time around, and he’s, errr, quite the shifty fellow.

Overall I really enjoyed this installment of the Heart and Brain series. It was clever and it made me laugh but it was also quite a heartwarming read. I cannot recommend this series enough 😀

Rating: ★★★★★

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