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Stray Bullets (Detective Greene #3)
By: Robert Rotenberg
Format/Source: Mass market paperback; my purchase

When a young boy is caught in the deadly crossfire of a downtown gun battle, the city is thrown into spasms of shock. The press makes the killing front-page news. The outraged public demands action. The devastated family needs answers. In this tense climate of anger and grief, Homicide Detective Ari Greene makes a high-profile arrest.

But did he get the wrong person? Brilliant defense lawyer Nancy Parish thinks so. Despite the tidal wave of evidence against her client, she’s convinced he’s innocent. Never content with easy answers, Greene and his protégé Daniel Kennicott pursue the truth as the man they have charged with first-degree murder is put on trial for his life.

In Stray Bullets, bestselling author Robert Rotenberg returns with his compelling mix of insider knowledge, brilliantly drawn characters, and high courtroom drama. In Rotenberg’s world, nothing is certain until the last clue falls into place.

Stray Bullets is the only novel to date (well, at the time that I read it; his latest novel, The Heart of the City, came out last month) from Robert Rotenberg’s bibliography that I haven’t read. I was quite delighted that they decided to release it in mass market paperback (not sure why the first two weren’t so far, but anyway) so I was able to read it during my break at work.

Once again Robert Rotenberg has written quite an intense and fascinating mystery and courtroom drama. This is definitely a kind of story that would seize the attention and the anger of the city. It was easy to slip back into the lives of Ari Greene and his associates, albeit it was a bit weird to read this series out of order considering what has happened in their personal lives in Stranglehold (review). It’s also interesting, as always, to follow the lawyers on both sides as they prepare their cases as well as the occasional appearance of courtroom reporters (personal lives seem to have taken something of a backseat that while Jennier Raglan pops in and out, Ari’s father only gets a chapter this time around).

If there’s anything to critique about this book, it’s that it did feel like there were a few loose ends that were never touched upon character-wise, like they took a backseat and disappeared once the trial was in full swing. I would’ve liked to have know what had happened to those characters.

All in all, Stray Bullets is another solid novel from Robert Rotenberg. It amazes me time and again how he really captures the spirit of the city perfectly. I can’t wait to read his next novel, The Heart of the City as it will be touching on another current event issue that this city’s currently facing: the rise of the bajillion condos and the soaring housing market.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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