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Daredevil (Vol. 1)
By: Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera (Illustrations), Marcos Martin (Illustrations)
Format/Source: Paperback; my purchase

The Devil Is Reborn.

With new enemies, new friends … and that same old “grinnin’ in the face of hell” attitude, the Man Without Fear is back in action and leading with his face! Mark Waid (Amazing Spider-Man) joins neo-legendary artists Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin for a new spin on Daredevil that will leave you gasping for air. Having turned his world upside over the past several years, Matt Murdock realizes that justice may not be blind to his past and villains may not be the only ones looking for answers. Bring it on. if Matt Murdock could see what he was doing … he’d be terrified.

Collecting: Daredevil 1-6.

For the longest time I had been meaning to pick up a Daredevil comic, start somewhere, especially after watching the Netflix series (see post). I ended up picking this one up just because it was on sale recently with the release of the first season of The Defenders.

This was a pretty good place to start; Matt Murdock is back in town after whatever past events caused him to run off, his identity almost revealed (not sure which storyline it was that caused this whole ruckus), and he’s trying to get on with his life. It’s a bit of an uneven start as he tries to re-establish his civilian ways as a lawyer whilst evading questions about him being Daredevil whilst at night continuing his crime-fighting activities; it took a while before a larger picture emerged and how some of the cases were piecing together. The first villain he faced was very interesting but was dispatched a little too quickly perhaps; I hope they make a reappearance again as I thought it was an interesting enemy, one that definitely renders Daredevil weakened given his own disability. The last three chapters or so were far more interesting as there was an overarching mystery and bad guy involved. Whilst the immediate issue was resolved by the end of the volume, it was clear that the story will continue into the next volume; I’m just not sure if it piqued my interest enough to continue.

Art-wise, well, I thought it was cool how the creative team depicted Daredevil’s abilities in terms of Matt’s POV and how he sees things through sound. That was very cool and I wonder (and hope) they will continue utilising it in future issues as I thought that was pretty unique to the story. Some of the action sequences and panoramic/scenic images were gorgeous, but otherwise I wasn’t terribly blown away by the artwork here.

Overall I’m glad to have read the comic. It’s a fairly good place to start as Matt’s situation is almost a clean-slate. It’s also interesting to see him depicted as not so broody a la the television show or recent runs in the comics. He’s got him one-liner moments here and there but it’s not to the same level as say, Iron Man or Spider-Man, and then of course there’s the occasional swashbucking moment that even caught me by surprise, lol. But yeah, I had fun with this.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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