Review: The Quiet Gentleman

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The Quiet Gentleman
By: Georgette Heyer
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Returning to his family seat from Waterloo, Gervase Frant, seventh Earl of St Erth, could have expected more enthusiasm for his homecoming. His quiet cousin, stepmother, and young half-brother seem openly disappointed that he survived the wars.

And when he begins to fall for his half-brother’s sweetheart, his chilly reception goes from unfriendly to positively murderous.

It’s been a while since I’ve read something by Georgette Heyer so here we are, remedying the matter πŸ™‚ Not much to say except that this book has long been on my radar of Georgette Heyer novels to pick up and read and seeing as my TBR when it comes to her bibliography is dwindling down, now was a good time to read it.

I wasn’t sure what to think of this novel when I started. I guess I was a bit worried despite wanting to read this book because some reviews made the novel sound a little drab, at least compared to some of her crazier, fun reads. But the book was enjoyable from start to finish, a mix of her mystery with her Regency stories as we follow Gervase Frant returning home to his inheritance and dealing not only with re-integrating back into his old life but also facing a threat to his life. It was interesting to guess who was making the attempt as all of the people he comes home to have motive to dispose of him as his re-emergence throws a wrench into their lives. Gervase seems good-natured enough when he makes his appearance–not showy at all for someone who survived the wars–but you know fromt he start that he’s entering the viper’s nest so you feel a bit apprehensive on is behalf.

And goodness the family he returns home to–his stepmother espouses the typical cold, hostile role, and his half-brother Martin is, quite frankly, an absolute twat. Completely spoiled, I was just waiting for someone to come along and knock him down a few pegs, he was absolutely irritating. And he makes so many bungles along the way, including some questionable behaviour…Anyhow, my guess as to who was behind the attempts on Gervase’s life was correct, so go me!

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So overall I really enjoyed the book! Another excellent Georgette Heyer novel πŸ˜€

Rating: ★★★★☆

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