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The new school year is in full-swing and like many, I too am back to school for this academic school year. As I was organising myself and jotting down my dates, an idea came to me to post about my planners a bit. If you’re following me on Instagram, you know that I’m big on stationery, stickers, washi tape, fountain pens, inks, the whole nine yards. Occasionally I do post what goes in my agendas and planners but I decided to just share a bit today about what I have on the go. Prepare for images galore 😛

Right now I have four agendas/planners on the go. Don’t ask me how I accumulated to four, I clearly cannot restrain myself when it comes to finding a planner that just screams for me to pick up 😛 But they all have different uses. First up is my Peter Pauper Press planner. I’ve used agendas from these guys on and off for years; gives me just enough space in the weeklies to write what I need to get done.

As always, you can click on the images to enlarge and read more about them:

As you guys also know, I love Sarah’s Sribbles and indeed have reviewed two of her books here (see tag). So imagine my delight when I found out they released a planner, lol. I didn’t need another planner per se but I just had to have it. So I picked it up and I’m presently using it as my school agenda (things to do, assignment deadlines, college deadlines, etc.).

I also have a Midori’s Traveler’s Notebook. One of my inserts is actually a weekly planner + memo. I’ve mainly used it to note important events/meet-ups, keep track of when I re-inked certain pens (this is important! lol), and other bits of info like my weekly vitals (yes, I do check my blood pressure and the like at least once a week). And as you can see in the second photo, I decorate the second page with my poetry sometimes, stationery paper & washi, and sometimes other bits of paper that come my way.

And finally my fourth planner, lol, my Filofax. It started with a whim buy at another store, I picked up a personal size 6-ring binder with inserts. At the time I didn’t have the Sarah’s Scribbles agenda and I liked that the inserts in this one came with a monthly spread. Over time that binder was bending (it was like a harder kind of cardboard material) so I caved and bought a proper Filofax. A lot of my odds and ends notes are in here (my TBR list, blog posts I need to write out, shopping wishlists, etc.) as well as that monthly spread that I still find very useful, particularly when it comes to keeping track of my shifts at work.

And that’s the planners I have ongoing right now, lol. It may seem crazy that I have all of these agendas on the go instead of having just one master agenda but considering that school is now in full swing and for whatever reason I have a whole load of crap to do for my online courses, it just made sense to separate it out from my regular planning/things to do/whathaveyou. Next year it’ll go down to three (ooooh, LOL) as the Peter Pauper Press agenda ends on New Year’s Day and I have the Filofax weeklies for 2018 all ready to go. I did order a 2018 weekly for my Midori TN, which may seem odd as I already have the Filofax and the Sarah’s Scribbles ready to go, but the Midori TN insert is very handy (and I may be thinking ahead to next year as I’m hoping/planning on taking a holiday again and will be taking my TN with me).

Haha, so that, dear readers, is all about the planners I have to keep me organised…or at least somewhat on the ball (and an excuse to use all my washi and stickers, really). I turn the question over to you now: do you keep a planner/agenda/bullet journal? How do you keep yourself organised/focused on completing tasks?

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4 Responses to “How I Keep Myself Organised”

  1. I don’t even write in the one diary I have, never mind four 😀 That said, I’m not juggling as many things as you are so things are a bit more straightforward for me!

  2. You are hardcore!

    I keep a weekly to-do list pad at work and at home, and then a paper planner. Once in awhile I put stuff in my phone, but not often. Someday I want to keep a planner for blog posts, but maybe next year.

    • Yeah that’s the one thing I could never really do–even occasionally–keep things in my phone. Bad experience using the calendar feature on the desktop, I suppose. But same here, I’d love to keep a planner for blog posts; right now I just keep a list schedule on Microsoft Word.

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