Unboxing My First Foxy Fix (No. 2)!

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As some of you may know or have seen on my Instagram, I’m pretty big on planners and notebooks and everything writing-related and stationery-related. Last year for my birthday I received a Traveler’s Notebook as my gift, which was especially handy when I travelled earlier this year. I do use a pocket-sized fauxdori of sorts as my outside everyday carry but for some time had been looking to upgrade it from a fabric to a leather. The passport size TN which I use to have was too small for me in that it can only fit a specific-sized notebook and not, let’s say, the pocket Moleskine (despite of my recent complaints about the quality of Moleskine paper…but that’s an argument for another day).

Foxy Fix is one of those brands I’ve been hearing around the planner community and on Instagram so after one night shift back in August, I finally caved and decided to buy one. There’s plenty of choice to decide from, but in the end I went with Boss Babe Kate Single Set notebook, size No. 2. The waiting…well, the waiting took forever, which I thought I was prepared for, but nope, it was pure torture. A month and a bit later, it finally arrived at my doorstep 😀

As always, you can click on the images to enlarge and read my comments:

And that’s my new everyday notebook! I love the colour that I chose; it’s described as Oxford Blue so it looks blue-black depending on the lighting. It’s quite soft, which is lovely; TNs when you first receive it are quite stiff and takes a while to soften up (it took two weeks backpacking with it during my holiday for my first TN to soften) which is cool, sort of adds to the experience of it. I don’t know if it’ll weather up the way a TN does, I guess I’ll let you know as time goes on.

As a bit of a sidebar, I noticed other people who’ve unboxed their Foxyfix orders had leather keychain/testers included in their order; mine did not *shrugs* Or the business card, for that matter…

So overall I’m very happy with my order and I look forward to using this little guy the next time I’m out. Was it worth what I paid for? Um, yes, I guess? I mean, it is leather, but as I only added one add-on to this, and it is a small item compared to the larger dimensions it comes in…on top of international shipping…and having to pay for customs when it arrived at my door (totally out of their hands, of course)…I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be ordering from them often as it did add up for me $$$ in the end. Not that I should be buying another one, lol…but not that it’s also stopped me from browsing their website and Chic Sparrow the other day…But anyway, my initial impression is that it’s a good product, and I’m happy that it’s finally in my hands, bwhahahaha. I look forward to seeing how it fares with me 🙂

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    • Oooh, which Foxy fix do you have right now? All of the add-ons do add up quickly, and on my part I have to remember what the conversion rate is going at the time ;_; But I am very happy with it, I wouldn’t mind picking up another one sometime…ish, lol 😀

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